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  • Arun Kishan - Process Management in Windows Vista

    Hey, the link to the whitepaper does not work.
  • Programming in the Age of Concurrency: Software ​Transaction​al Memory

    This looks like fantastic work and a great step forward for solid concurrent programming without the the pain of deadlocks and race conditions.

    I have one question, on timing: Say we have a long, slow atomic method A, and a swift method B. The System runs hundreds of B calls sequentially while on a different thread, method A is called. Now if I understand the model correctly, if a B call commits before A is done, A is restarted with the new data. Considering that B calls are run continuously and  are always faster than A, will A ever be able to complete? Locking solves that with a ready queue, which keeps track of the next method to have exclusivity. How is that handled in STM?