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  • Omar Shahine - Inside Hotmail

    leighsword wrote:
    why the hotmail does not support the pop3?is it a tech problem to you?or an architecture problem?

    I seem to recall Hotmail stopped supporting Pop3 several years ago now, only supporting their http protocol for access via Outlook (and a few other clients). Now it appears that they may be removing that access for their new Outlook Live subscribtion service. The arguement being that such advanced services should be paid for and that similar services have the same policy.

    Shame really especially as gmail has just started providing pop3 and RSS support. I really like Hotmail for all it's faults but losing standard outlook integration may just kill it for me. Last time I was burned by hotmail was with the calender. I used to use it all the time then it went to being a paid for service so I lost all the personal data I had in it - now it's free again but there's almost zero chance I'll trust that with my data again.

    Now I find that I may no longer be able to archive important emails via outlook (which costs a fair bit in itself) with the potential to lose valuable data agian.

    Still can't complain too much, especially now we have 250mb storage and they've got rid of those damn screwy framed hyperlinks in my mails (whoever thought that was a good idea).
  • Halo 2 Coming to Earth Next Week

    Personally I can't wait Wink

    As for some other links some obvious one's come to mind:

    And of course the infamous

    Which is an alternate reality game based on the Halo universe,  basically a human AI from the future crash lands on the above web site and the game was to figure out what was going on and try and help out the players; the AI (initially know as the Queen), the site owner Dana and some other AI characters that arrived with the Queen (the seeker aka Pious Flea, the SPDR and the sleeping princess).

    While there was a lot of plot to the game itself at it's core was four hours (yup that much) audio in wav files that made up a 12 chapter story that is set on Earth and runs up until the beginning of the Halo 2.
    Most of the audio can now found here:

    and some more information here:

    with game chronology and full text archive here:

    It should pass the time till Halo finally ships Wink
  • Joe Marini - Why I love XAML

    Too bad Microsoft doesn't have a technology which uses info cards stored on your machine which they could use to handle sign in....oh wait they do have that (called card space), too bad they don't use it. Nah, they just going into reinventing the wheel again...*Sigh*
  • Kevin Schofield -- Tour of Microsoft Research's VIBE group (large ​screens/mul​tiple monitors)

    I've been saying for ages that we should have more control over the grouping and arrangement on buttons on the taskbar (drag drop rearrangement, break apart  auto grouping on demand), but this goes far further than I'd even imagined!

    So, for me, the most interesting part of that demo was the 'groupbar', but the elastic pick and pop style interface looked cool - though I wonder how useful it would be in real world situations with windows scattered across your desktop (as is likely in multiscreen setups - like mine right now Wink ). Also, to be honest, the 'sticky note' style interface didn't look very useful, I'm constantly clearing clutter off my desktop anyway.

    But really, I would love that groupbar functionality integrated into my XP taskbar right now; though I imagine the earliest we'll see it in production is with Longhorn. Then again this sounds like a Sourceforge project waiting to happen!