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  • Shankar Vaidyanathan - VC++ IDE: Past, Present and Future

    Great stuff. VC2005 is simply the best C++ IDE in existance, I have to admit. I own VC6 and VC.NET 2003 Pro and recently wanted to ensure my own stl container runs with 2005expr ed aswell.

    - Due to the runtime checks in the debug build (similiar to stlport debug mode) I found a really stupid bug (wells its only a private fun project)
    - the whole source code intellisense thing is top notch (but it always was good)
    - the debugger hoover over symbol and popup-with-expandable-content thing is very cool
    - ide looks extremeley polished (at the begin I thought too polished), the colours are nice (classes and folders).

    I dislike the whole msvcrt8 thing (manifest etc).

    If I compare this software with eclipse ... just start eclipse on win32, navigate to Window> Show View  list and check out how many entries have the navigation (not ide keyboard) shortcut P -> Package Explorer, Problems, Progress and Properties all use the P key. Well, unfortunately I have only "p" key on my keyboard. And of course there is no default ide keyboard shortcut for Problems (Is nobody missing this?). Which means when my compilation fails, I cannot use Alt-W+V+P to access the problems, but I have to use Alt-W+V+(n x P), which is annoying. Come on, my build fails, give me a default keyboard shortcut to jump to the first error!