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Been on the internet professionally and for fun since 1994.  Built websites using VI and built shell CGI scripts as a start using Pine for e-mail and Gopher and Lynx.  Now an Application Development Manager managing a team of developers architecting dot net applications for a global financial company.  Love technology, love gaming.


  • Defrag Tools #162 - Defrag Show Crossover - Gov Maharaj

    I also miss the Defrag Show!  Come on guys, make another episode please! :)

  • TWC9: Visual Basic gets DICE Award, TechNet Virtual Conference, Bridge to iOS and more...

    Started out with VB 3 on Windows 3.1 to create software to launch Trumpet Winsock and use send keys to automatically configure and connect to an ISP back in 1994 I worked at then (one of the first in Florida).  Worked in Access Basic and VB6 for the longest time as well as IIS when you had to do a separate page for look / data with the IDQ files then to ASP until moving on to dot net.  

  • Defrag: Back from the Break with Cortana in the Car, Oculus Pre-Order and more...

    Welcome back!  Glad to have you guys back in the saddle, out of all the shows miss this one the most as it covers a wide array of technical goodness!

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application Development

    Anyone know where one could download the Demo solution he shows in this presentation and the databases behind it?  (Looks like it might be a combination of Fabrikam and Contoso?)

  • User Interfaces in WPF

    +1 for source of the first example as well!

  • SQL Server Data Tools

    I know this episode was a while back, but I was able to watch this episode just now, due to being completely disconnected during the Christmas break and playing too many games. ;)  I would love to see some examples of versioning and deployment, how you would say take a pre-existing database and create a "version 1.0" project from that (Schema and Data?), then enact changes to it.. then how to deploy those properly through a database project in VS using these tools.  That would be most excellent.

    Thanks for the great content as always Robert (and thanks Scott for this episode!)!

  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4

    Can we have the link that you show in the video around 15:50 with the Visual Studio release notes on all the versions and what changed between each version please?


  • Defrag: Windows 8.1 updates, Unity 3D on Surface Pro, Time Travel Diag

    Larry and Gov, I am sure you hear a lot more from the people that don't like things, than do.  I figured I would drop my opinion on here FWIW.

    It took about 2 weeks for me to get used to Windows 8 start screen, but I absolutely love it compared to pre W8.  As a developer I always install a LOT of software to test or work with very infrequently.  It was difficult to have a list of apps I cared about all the time vs only when I needed it.  The old pre W8 start menu would be pages, scrolling, never ending and hard to manage. I even had applications that created folders to have shortcuts to my important apps.  So now in W8 I boot to the start screen and am glad for the W8.1 patch that lets us also see just with a click of the down arrow the full list of apps, makes it easier to get to those you might not use often or to pin on the start. There are those that like some of the changes, but I guess we might be the quiet minority.

    Also Larry, I am an old school gamer too, loved Xwing vs Tie Fighter and the old Wing Commander.. if you haven't seen it already you should check out the new game that Chris Roberts creator of Wing Commander has kickstarted.. it is looking to be amazing - .. I am also looking forward to the Valkyrie, I played Eve Online and it's not enough action, as this seems to be...

    Thanks for the show guys, love watching you every week.  Enjoy Gov's techie side and Larry's gamer side, captures two things I love the most out of technology. Smiley

  • Defrag: All about RAM Disks, Locking Apps, File Copy Tricks

    DataRam Ramdisk supports more than 4 GB for a ram disk, you just have to purchase a version as the free only supports 4 GB.  I currently purchased this, and have on it some games (DayZ mods) so that when loading into a DayZ game / server it loads super fast (From Ram).  You can also swap out disks and drive "images" so you can use it for various things.

    Since it's data that doesn't change, the Dataram Ramdisk is great as it saves the RAM to hard drive, so once you install it you just reboot once and then it's good to go next reboot or even if power goes out.  I currently have 32 gigs of RAM so during games I only need 6 for the OS and games so I can use a good bit of the rest in a RAM drive, and then I also use it for rendering videos and video editing.  It works wonderfully for that.

  • Ping 179: Xbox One, LeapMotion, Win 8 training, NFL & MS

    Best part.. Laura - "So AdamEvery commented.." Paul corrects her..  "Actually It's AlanEvery"... Laura - "That's what I said.." ... Paul just bows out and says "Yeah ok perfect." and gives up the debate.. I am going to use that in a meeting next when the business owners say the specifications wrong 3 times in the meeting... Yeah ok perfect.  Love it!  Love the show!

  • Ping 167: 4Afrika, Surface- Ask Me Anything, Microsoft on Privacy, Redbox on Xbox

    Love this episode.. the best part I think was the beginning when you were talking about the different backgrounds, and changing things around... and Paul's hair was perfect for when he was upside down.. Wink


    Also props on your choice of alcohol Paul!!  Cool

  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    I am a long time consumer of Channel 9 videos, love watching Ping, Defrag and anything with Visual Studio as often as I can.  Usually because of work I can only watch them once every few weeks, saw this weeks episode and got my account fixed up on here to let you guys know I watch, and have never commented.  This is my first.  Keep up the good work!