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  • Series Introduction - 01

    @srinivasskc: alt is the description of an image for eg. if your browser cannot render the image for some reason .. a text in the alt attribute will act as its placeholder .. Bob also told it would be used by screen readers by i did try it out with screen reader but my narrator wasn't able to tell me what is it ...

  • Series Introduction - 01

    Hey bob just a just had a question .. what's the difference between </tag> and <tag/> .. when i used second one to close it didn't render the things properly !

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Thank You Sir ...

    Thanks Was Waiting For such a great tutorial from a long time .... I will try to complete this one .. because i don't have an internet connection because my parents are already paying my tuition and clg fees .I don't wanna burden them with more.. I take time to visit cyber cafe's and watch your videos and take down notes so I can do it when i reach home .. Smiley And I had a question for you just out of topic ..What are that blue lights blinking behind you ??? There are certainly distracting me ?? Tongue Out