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  • Exploring the new ​Domain-​Specific Language (DSL) Tools with Stuart Kent

    Hi Stuart,

    after reading so many MS documents about DSL and watching your  movie still it is hard for me to get the full big picture of the technology.

    you know that a perfect DSL tool should create final codes with minimum meta data and give the developer maximum customization possibility without loosing anything after re-generating code.

    First of all, you need diffrent UI tools to see your model. the current default designer is not enough for all scenarios. and some times a Tree and Grid view is a perfect  media to show and  modify the model.
    I know about DSL powertoy but DSL designer needs some basic default editors in place without asking users to add their own editors.

    There is a company named MetaCase that they are making DSL tools for a while.
    they have a good feature matrix  to  compare  DSL tools.
    this is the page:

    Could you please compare MS DSL Tachnology against this matrix?

    I beleive this feature matrix is an excelent thing to compare DSL tools.