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Software Applications Engineer for a medical device manufacturer. Working predominantly on windows CE and embedded devices.

Additional experience of barcode softwares and camera API's.


  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Eagle, just what "constructively" are you looking for C9 to do in terms of international video's.... they have been doing quite a few different ones around the world with their WM_IN stuff...  


    All these places coincide with events that Charles and his team have been fortunate enough to get along to.

    One man and his camera can only get around so much... so the question is what do you want from C9... content or countries?  Surely what you really want is good content from the people who know their stuff, or are you looking for something that just doesn't really fit with the whole C9 ethos? (I'm assuming that you aren't just trying to be difficult, because if you are you may as well stop that now because people will just stop taking you seriously.)
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    eagle wrote:
    Let’s get a video of An_Angel on Mars so we can say we’re an interplanetary community.

    Charles still has 47 American States and about 193 Countries to go.

    Below the belt Eagle... stop right there.  And the US has plenty of coverage too at many events.  The difference here is that we the community leaders suggested that we got C9 involved at the organisation stages to get the video done.  If they hadn't done it we would have done it instead. 

    Maybe you could consider getting C9 to follow one of the big US community events in this way, but be nice to the C9 guys or they won't do it with you!
  • Why Community Matters

    die-Sel: Thanks... I think... the vid is really bad at picking up the good side of me.  Charles was a little too close with the camera Wink  More info on the london girl geek dinners can be found below and Microsoft did a good virtual side video on the events too which can be found here:

    Ion:  Who am I... well for that you will have to go and have a look on my mobility blog here: and here and here and from that you should get which community I am looking after.  I also actively participate in Mobile Mondays and a number of the London groups, but not always just the Microsoft ones.  

    I guess you could say I am just another girl geek... with a fixation on mobile devices and tech gadgets. 
  • Why Community Matters


    Eagle, it sounds to me as though the usergroup that you were part of, and failed to continue just needed someone to spend a bit of time letting people know about it and getting the community to run it themselves.  Part of being a community driven is that the community support each other and sharing the workload, whether Microsoft and other large corporates get involved or not.  This begs the question in your area about whether the community is really there and whether there was or is a better less time intensive way of running it.  Have a think... maybe you could be their new community leader.

    A word of advice to any community group from me is let the community run it together, spread the work, spread the joy and most of all have fun with it!

    Tim, good to hear from you and I hope that the video entices you back to the community scene Wink
  • Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Mobile Explained

    Finally a nice easy to understand vid to explain the differences. I was looking for one of these online a while ago to help explain the differences to a friend.  I think you guys pretty much captured it perfectly.  Well done. 

    Nice to see you on vid Rory.  I hope we see more of you... maybe something on WPF for .net CF next?  (how to attach to .net 3.0 WPF services with the CF? )

    Keep up the good work!

  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    Really amusing video!  I heard about this before it was online... I'm impressed it managed to get through legal! (all those cheeky comments and bad language Wink )

    It's probably one of the best video's that C9 have done in a very long time... possibly ever... it had me laughing LOTS!

    DDD4 is a good idea!  I will be about!  (and there is a geek dinner after it too!)
  • Women in Technology in Japan: Kickoffメッセージ

    I'll second that.... Would be nice to know what they are talking about in comparion to the UK.... also begs the question of whether there is going to be a womens track etc at teched Europe in Nov.


  • Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.


    I was both shocked and happily surprised that you spent so long talking about the girly geek dinners.  It was great to have you back at the last one.  I am sure I will see you at many more girly geek dinners!

    We will have to catch up in a non tech location for coffee and a catchup some time.  Let me know when you are next in London at a weekend or in Reading and we can catch up over a coffee or bottle of wine.  Maybe even invite your husband and his younger twin Wink (you know who I mean!)  How odd would it be having those two in the same room!

    Anyway, thank you and have a great long weekend!
  • Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.

    Oh we should start to come up with some difficult probing questions now for you then Wink  Maybe we should put this to the coffeehouse crew Wink  see what they can come up with.

    Imagine the fun you could have with that!  With any luck I will be at TechEd too.  I look forward to catching up with you (and Maryam) again soon. Smiley
  • Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.

    Get in touch with me offline... and we can sort out the details Smiley
  • Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.

    I have to say I admire Eileen!  She is one of the strongest and most passionate women I know.  She is so passionate about her technology areas and supports women in technology 110%!

    I have to say a very BIG thank you to Eileen and the Microsoft Teams for their support for the London Girl Geek Dinners.  I would love for Charles and the team to come down to one of our events in the future.  (You are more than welcome to join us!) 

    Our next girly geek dinner is this monday 24th April 2006 and we have loads of people attending... Women in Technology are our sponsors and all the details are on the website.  You need to sign up to attend, and unfortunately it is in London so anyone outside of London will either have to start their own sister girly geek dinner or come to London Big Smile

    And yes, An_Angel is Sarah Blow. And no punns on my surname coz I've heard them all before!

    Keep up the good work


  • Suzan DelBene: From referee to VP

    This was an interesting piece on women in technology as a whole.  The discussion on educating children in joining technology.  I disagreed with the comment about girls being put off by being called geeks.  I think fundamentally we need to remove the old fashioned derogitory ideals of a geek and give it a new image. 

    It was great to hear how Suzan worked her way through the company, how she views the changes that occurred within MS as well.  It would have been nice to hear more from Suzan on the technical side of things and the inside of Microsoft.  I would love to hear more from Suzan about her experiences of working with the teams within MS and where she sees MED going in the future.  (I wish I could have interviewed her... I have a few questions that would be interesting to put forward... )