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An_Angel An_Angel Waterbaby
  • 3G or Mobile Internet

    Personally I'd go and find the nearest cyber cafe.  They seem to be about in most towns, it would be cheapest option I'm sure.  Datacard or Phone will be hugely expensive and not worth the hassle. 

    Does all your work require you to be online, or can you collect the online data that you need before going, if so do as much prep that requires internet before you go and then work offline for as much time as possible, and nip into the cyber cafe when you need a connection. 

  • Geek Day Out

    I'll be in London that weekend at the Red Bull Air Race that weekend so will be in the city.  It should be a good weekend.  If anyone else is about and wants to catch up that evening for a geeky evening I'm up for it.

    C u in the city Colin, let me know what you end up planning.

  • Yahoo.com site down.... again!

    It seems to me that Yahoo are having a few issues with keeping their servers up over in the US... There are reports from China that they have been down for up to 12 hours before now, and I've just tried accessing Upcoming.yahoo.org and that's down at the moment along with yahoo.com. (Update: Flickr is also down... )

    The even more ironic thing in this story is that the .co.uk site is still up and running but there seems to be no place to report such issues, so there is the possibility that they haven't even noticed or been informed.

    I wonder how long it will be until MS and Google pick up on the issue... and what about the Register....

    I know that earlier today the HotLan-A Trojan hit Yahoo and Hotmail email accounts so maybe they have had the main servers pulled down whilst they sort the issue out... All that being said... surely they have some sort of solid disaster recovery plan!  Interestingly the MS Hotmail site is still up and running.

  • IGNORE >>> FIXED - Windows CE 6.0 toolbox items disappearing act

    We are having an issue with CE 6.0 Platform Builder in Visual Studio 2005. The toolbox items have totally disappeared. We have tried right clicking the toolbox and restoring it but that only restores 2 buttons, not the full set.

    Have you ever come across anything like this at all? If so any solutions found other than uninstalling CE6.0 and re-installing it. We've already tried repairing Visual Studio which seems to have done absolutely nothing to either help or hinder the issue.

    If we can't find the solution it looks like we may have to do another one of those rather looooong support calls that everyone knows and hates. Wink

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Fixed this by going to Documents & Settings/Username/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/VisualStudio/8
    Deleted the 4 hidden toolbox files. 
    Re-started VS 2k5


  • DDD5 at Microsoft TVP

    Only if the US community starts it and their community leaders get in touch with their community contact and work together to create, market and run such an event. 

    I guess the US community leaders or the community could start working together to create the events over there... it depends on whether people have the time and desire to get it going.  Lets hope so, they are great events here. 

  • UK Developer! Developer! Developer! 5 Booking Now Open

    Interviews for what?  Video or Podcast? 

    Are you doing your very own geek show or something?

    Are you going to be able to sit still through all the presentations btw?

  • UK Developer! Developer! Developer! 5 Booking Now Open

    I'll be there for this one too, and I'll try not to cause too much chaos Wink

  • SME's and Vista - Are you going to give it a go?

    Out of personal curiosity and as someone who gets involved with SME's from time to time I was wondering how many UK SME's are considering moving to Vista and what is stopping them from doing so at the moment. Also what time scales they are looking at to move over to it. 

    As a developer I'm wondering at what point we need to start considering re-testing our released softwares for Vista and the people that seem to be closest to moving over seem to me to be the SME's as they generally seem to adopt new technologies earlier

    So who (company wise) is considering it, who's done it and who's just not going to bother in the UK?

  • Whose Bright Idea Was This?

    You should use SoapBox and get the SoapBox team to look into something like the viddler style tagging and comments system.  That way you wouldn't need to split the video's up, just tag the time points and have it as a long video, unless the issue is upload time and such.  Also even better than that when people are watching the video they can comment at the time point so that there is a context to the comment Smiley 

    (OK so I'm a Viddler.com fan!)

  • Math or CS?

    As a Manchester Uni Graduate (UMIST) I would have to say look carefully into all the different courses being offered by the uni in the comp sci department I know that there is a course that includes an HCI module in it but I've not managed to find it yet.  (as I remember it was an optional module)  They also have a Comp Sci and Maths joint honours degree.  This may also suit you, dependent upon what you are looking for in a course.

    I wouldn't rush the decision of which of the courses to take.  Make sure it's the right one from the start.  It is possible to switch from one course to another in the first year so long as there is space on the one you want to move to.  (this however is subject to the universities discression) 

    When I was there the department did a Computation course which had a good mixture of all the things you are looking for, it may be worth finding it's current equivalent. 

    Also something to be aware of is the fact that at Manchester they currently have the Computer Science department and the Informatics department.  Informatics is due to be split up into the Computer Science department and the School of Management.  The Centre for HCI is based in the Informatics department currently and you may also wish to look at the courses in that department, however with all the changes to the department you may find that there is a lot of unknowns around the futures of those courses.  It would be worth getting in touch with the department and finding out which of those courses is likely to stick around if you want to concentrate more on HCI than Mathematics.

    Best of luck with your application.  You'll enjoy Manchester, it's a fun city and one I always enjoy going back to!