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  • Are bloggers pandering to terrorism

    ScanIAm wrote:
    As for threatening, hire a bodyguard if you feel threatened.  Or call the police.  Hiding out in her house is just a sympathy move that essentially brought her into the limelight (thanks to scooby and crew).  Prior to that, I've never heard of her.

    Unfortunately, this blog-based 'cult of me' thing tends to bring out those kinds of people.  You have narcissistic navel-gazers on one end (bloggers) and hero-hating/worshipping sociopaths on the other end (fans).

    I guess you didn't read her post properly and forget that although she is well known, she is not as you seem to be assuming, a celebrity with a big purse.  Bodyguards are expensive and for an IT professional just trying to do their job of teaching people about good design practice this shouldn't be necessary. 

    She has involved the police but that doesn't make her feel safe, and why would it... the police can only do so much, they can't be there 24/7.

    United approach would be good, so long as everyone can agree on the correct course of action... and people refuse to tollerate and stop encouraging this sort of behaviour online.

  • C9 V4 Update

    When your doing the testing of v4, please can you test that it works on a few mobile phones, especially windows smartphones.  (i do a lot of my browsing on my htc s620 so it would be useful, at the moment the site is unusable on it.  Something to bear in mind with the headers and layouts)  Also please consider any videos having a link for downloading to mobile windows media player. (I know there is a tradeoff with download size and image resolution... maybe have a mobile content button for it or something.)

    I think in the long term you will find this beneficial as the current trends in web browsing seem to be done a lot more on mobiles than they used to be.  If you need any advice on designing for mobility then I'm sure the mobile patterns and practices team will be happy to help and advise.

    Many thanks

  • Are bloggers pandering to terrorism

    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Sabot wrote:

    The great thing about a blog is it's yours you have control over it, it does not have control over you so if you don't like a comment, delete it, forget about freedom of speech if it crosses your personal line and after all it's your blog so you set the boundary. I see no problem at all with switching anonymity off if you wish to.

    Perfectly said. That's why I'm kinda "blah" on Scoble taking a week off about it.

    I can totally understand why Scoble has taken the week off... If I were in either his or Kathy's position I would disengage for a while to collect my thoughts, calm down and then find a logical approach to dealing with the situation.  Stopping blogging does not mean that he has totally disengaged from the net, comments of his can be found all over the web, just not on his blog site.

    Regarding Sabot's comment about having control over your blog... this is true, but what you don't have control over is other peoples blogs, message boards and websites.  I agree with the fact that you can delete comments on your own sites that are crossing the line as well... I do the same... inappropriate comments are deleted from my site... in fact let me correct that, they are never published in the first place!  The people that try this don't get a chance to gain any glory from it... they are cut off, ignored and turned away.... (and on occasion added to a blacklist!)

    I for one don't tollerate this sort of threatening behaviour online and I don't expect others to endorse it either.  Those who endorse it are as guilty as those who are being threatening in the first place.  If you see this behaviour on your sites, remove it, do not encourage, do not rise to it, and do not tollerate it! 

    Question:  How many people on C9 have been threatened online via blogs, message boards etc? Also is this a gender thing or not... I personally doubt it but the question keeps coming up online all over the place.

  • What do you want to know about Vista?

    Just tell me how it will make my life easier and where the value proposition is for me to move to it. 

    Why would I move from XP when I am happy with it and have everything just as I want it right now?
    Where will I see performance benefits and what is the cost of those benefits in terms of hardware upgrade costs?
    How can the costs of upgrade be justified to management?
    How do I know if my harware has drivers that are guarunteed to work?
    Can I trust it to work with my current softwares that I have running in XP?

  • How is your website? share it here

    I have a few but if you go to the first one it has links down the side to the others:


  • Small Footprint

    I wouldn't bother with Windows Mobile / Windows CE  (to none Mobile device OEM's!) and look into the MicroFramework for such a small device.  Consider what you need the device to do.... does it need to be a low power, low memory, low processor device, or does it need to be a microprocessor... if the latter then seriously look at the MicroFramework and consider the alternatives to be very small OS type systems... maybe even (dare I say it on here....) a very slimmed down linux OS or components of this.

    Unless you are planning on doing something reasonably whizzy on some reasonably fast hardware (for devices that is), then you will probably find Windows CE is more expensive than the MicroFramework.

    Hardware wise... figure out what you need the device to do, and work back from there for the memory, CPU/ Microcontrollers etc.  Once you have that spec then look at what you can get at your form factor.  If you can't find anything off the shelf then go with bespoke.  The other question is if the size/ form factor is the limiting issue, can you change that and give yourself a more generic hardware option?  Custom boards can be pretty expensive.

  • Discovering installed applications on Windows Mobile

    There are a few things you could consider doing.  Firstly if you know if the file is part of the OS then the files will be in a standard location and you can just do a check on whether the file exists.

    The hardest one will be OEM specific apps which won't show up on the install list and may not be in a standard location... not sure how you would manage this... I would go to the OEM developer sites and have a look round there.

    The bespoke applications and user installed apps are a bit annoying as they can be installed on a storage card or internal memory.  You would need to check registry entries for that.  It's not a nice simple api unfortunately.

    There is however a tool on the device that can do add/ remove programs and that lists any user installed apps... so if somehow (please don't ask me how...) you could manage to hook into that and see what is installed then that may be able to help you. (I'm sure someone online has had the same issue... keep searching about or try the newsgroups)

    Best of Luck!

  • Make your own iPhone!

    OK so I came across this on engadget earlier today!


    It's to let all those iPhone enthusiasts actually get their hands on RC1 Wink

    On a more serious note though... It does mean you can get an idea of how it fits in your hand and gives a comparison to other devices...

    So time to start thinking about making your own devices people...

  • The iphone has come out... what is microsoft going to do?

    Apple generally aim at the average joe style consumer with their products.  Something that anyone can use without having to spend hours looking at a user manual.  This is where they have been successful with mac book and ipod.  One thing I did notice but haven't been able to put my finger on til now is this.  They call it a phone.  To the average user like say my dad this device looks and feels too complicated, it seems to need a book as a user manual.  It's not aimed at average joe.  The first thing that you think of when you see this device is a small computer, not a phone. In fact it's really hard to find online pictures of the actual phone functionality other than in the demo.

    This product is aimed at the technical enthusiast, someone who is an apple fan.

    Things to remember are that this is a new market for Apple and it is highly unlikely that they will understand the full extent of what the user really wants without a LOT of research and user interaction.  Like Microsoft, Apple need to do UI testing and design with real users not technical users (staff and friends of staff) to reach a real world market.  I think they may have forgotten this fact. 

    Here is my challenge to people... Come up with the things you want in a phone.  Functionality, design, battery life... the works... look at current devices and features in phones, music players, tablet pc's and figure out what you really want.  When you have something at the other end I bet it looks very similar to a lot of devices on the market currently.  (or some next generation ones that have been shown at previous world 3 gsm congress events) 

    I don't think we have found a ubiquitous/ generic one device fits all yet and I think it will be a while to arrive yet!

    BTW when do people think they will get to see a dual boot OS on a phone Wink bsd/ Smartphone for eg!

  • The iphone has come out... what is microsoft going to do?

    What I find a shame is that for a loooong time I have told MS where they could improve the devices and the OS... unfortunately they don't listen.  To that point this year I have pretty much quit blogging on my mobility blog about the MS devices.  The reason behind this, why bother if they don't listen to the customer. 

    There is one thing I do like about MS mobiles, the OS is open to the developer so anyone can write apps for the devices. This is part of what makes the MS offering more enticing to the business mobility developer.  To the consumer developer end of things we are still waiting for decent graphics and UI tools... Mobile gaming should be something that Smartphones should do well but to date I don't see people doing much on that front.

    Microsoft have a lot to learn in this arena and it would help if they did a few things:
    Listen to the customer,
    Have a proper mobility development team
    Look at why developers are struggling to create innovative apps on devices due to lack of certain tools.

    On a similar note I won't be advocating iPhone because it is closed to the developer.  I am disappointed by this because it closes the device to innovative implementations and leaves the developer with only web apps to interact with the user, generally these are unreliable due to the sometimes connected nature of devices. 

    All in all I anticipate iPhone to be a disappointment to me for 3 reasons:
    no buttons = no quick entry or feedback on input.
    full screen = dirty fingerprints, screenglare and probably scratched screens also touch screen has limited life.
    short battery life = i was hoping that they would alter the OS to be low power consumption for their mobile interface rather than use an OS not designed for low power... (would make sense to do at least a little re engineering with wifi, bluetooth, gsm etc on a single device)

    And on that note I am not saying another word on iPhone until I have one in my hand to confirm the above.

    BTW Note to MS... open up zune capability so that devs can code for it... I'm sure there are some innovative apps that the dev could come up with for it... (I mean... 2 buttons and the navigation circle = games platform to me Wink)