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  • Defrag - Page File Needed, Image Tags, Fast Gaming PC

    About the page file.... I still don't get, that I need a page file. Like you said, it comes from a time, where memory was very limited. Having 12 GB of RAM and use maybe 7 GB at most leaving 5 GB free for other stuff... and I still need a 8 GB page file?

    I have disabled my page files and both my computers are fine and still no one has convinced me to do otherwise.

  • Defrag: Tweaking for HTPC, SSD as a ReadyBoost, WiFi Antenna tuning

    Using two SSD in a RAID0 might block Windows from using TRIM. I have only tried this setup with hardware RAID and here Windows see the disk as a normal hard disk - not an SSD and that causes Windows not to send TRIM commands.

    Maybe this has been fixed on some RAID controllers, but it's a thing to look out for.