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Andre Da Costa Andre Da Costa Created with PhotoDraw 2000 V2
  • That version of Windows after Vista will be called...

    DCMonkey said:
    YES! (pumps fist)

    I hope this decision to keep it simple extends to the "edition-itis" that afflicts Vista. One client version, maybe two at the most should be enough.
    No problems here. Simple, to the point.

  • Obama gets gutted, McCain closer to white house

    I love the part where Obama said "The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one", made me laugh. Smiley

  • 37 Brand New Windows 7 M3 Screenshots

    tfraser said:
    It looks good in general, especially the calculator. One thing I'm not so sure about is why WordPad has been endowed with the Ribbon interface. It seems a bit excessive when there is only one tab and it's not even completely filled. Having said that, at least it looks nicer than the old toolbar stack.
    Agreed! Word and other Office had 1500 commands, features that were hidden and needed to be exposed.

  • 37 Brand New Windows 7 M3 Screenshots

    From THINKNEXT via Mary Jo Foley All About Microsoft

    Here are a couple videos

    And here is my preview post about it all.

  • My Wish List for Windows 7

    DouglasH said:
    Andre Da Costa said:
    wow, channel 9 is being a pain tonight 5 times before the text box came up to write this.

    Andre, yes I agree, MS needs a real disc management software built in, I should be able to make any partitions I want without having to resort to 3rd party tools. of course the Government unfortantly sees otherwise as well as those third party companies.   But Personally I see that as basic management tools that an OS should provide. 

    As well as the statement of during an Install it should be my choice in where certain directories are setup. 

    Fonts for example shoulding be in the windows directory, but that is 20/20 hindsite.  programs and users shouldn't be on the same harddrive as the OS is on.  All internet based software with large changes should be able to direct to thier own partition to help eliminate high fragmentation. 

    NTFS needs to be repaired after the addtion of what I believe was indexing for search. to cut down on Fragmentation.   and that is another set of tools that is the realm of the OS not 3rd parties.  but that is another day.  Smiley

    Good to see you back.

    thanks Douglas
    Thanks Douglas,

    Well, the third party Disk Management Tools Company's do have some right and Microsoft I believe license technologies from some of them which is included in the OS. So is disk burning which is licensed from Roxio I believe. But its a basic right I believe that really made Windows special, no need to find a correct driver for your CD burner, it just worked.

  • Vista x64 and Product Keys

    SlackmasterK said:
    Okay, so Windows is up... Time to enter my product key and activate Windows!

    ... Dang, my file server somehow lost its power supply when I swapped its memory out... That's where I keep my product key...

    ... oh well, I have 30 days to buy a new one  before Windows goes into cripple mode...

    ... On the bright side,  I got to see an awesome BSOD.  When the rig returned from Standby, it BSOD'd with something like "RC_TRIAL_PERIOD_EXPIRED" or some such fun.  Of course, when it rebooted, it came right back up in functory mode.  Freaky.
    I have that key in three places, on a physical sticker I made glued to a jewel CD case. A copy on my laptop in a spreadsheet, a printed copy in my drawer.

  • Adobe just got evil (again)

    You need to check out this website: http://dearadobe.com Adobe seems to be listening.

  • Windows 7 Performance Tools Available

    Looks like somebody at Softpedia misread.

  • Vista x64 and Product Keys

    The complimentary key given to testers who participated in the Vista private beta is a single license. You will have to remove the existing installation of your 32 bit Vista Ultimate, install 64-bit Vista Ultimate with the same key and reactivate. Possibly by telephone and explain the situation to the call representative.

  • Google Chrome, Google’s Open Source Browser Project

    Do no evil huh? Sounds like that oath has been thrown out the window. Time for world domination Google style. BTW, I don't want the porn sites I recently visited to be first thing I see when I open my browser. Bad move already.