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  • SOLID Design Patterns

    This discussion/topic is extremely important. There is not enough time in this video to approach it with the proper depth.

    It is very nice that Channel 9 is opening some space for the principles and practices preached by Robert Martin.

    Code quality and being a better coder is in the very heart and soul of this channel, I think Channel 9 should dedicate more time to that subject. Good tools helps, but does not make you a good or better developer. Those principles do.

    Maybe start a series to discuss those topics, one by one, with the proper importance and depth.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Preview

    @LyalinDotCom:Thanks Lyalin. That's what I expected to happen but thats is not the case. I don't see the references (or any CodeLens at all) in my project. What do I have to do to enable it? I even created a new project from the scratch and no CodeLens are been displayed.

    Is CodeLens an Ultimate only feature or it is available in the Premium version?

    UPDATE: I've just installed the Ultimate Preview version and the CodeLens is now working. So I assume it is an Ultimate only feature (It was not clear in the video). That's is not very good since in my workplace we only have the Premium version. The references were one of the biggest reason to upgrade our environment to VS2013. We have about 40 licenses and upgrade all to Ultimate would not be cost viable. I think Microsoft should consider include that feature in the other "flavors" of VS2013.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Preview

    Hi, I've installed VS2013 to try it out. But I can't see the CodeLens decorations in my code even after a full successful build.

    Does VS2013 CodeLens requires TFS2013? Am I missig some environment setup?

    I did not install TFS2013 yet.

    My project is under TFS2012 Up 2.

    I understand the the last change (user and changeset) information in the decoration must come from TFS but the references and unit testing info should be independent from TFS, right?