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  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    scobleizer wrote:
    john caddidy wrote: ugh. what a softball interview. scoble, learn how to conduct an interview, for chrissakes! you fancy yourself a journalist but you're a rank amateur -- in the rankest ways. you come off as a sniveling, ingratiating little fool, a boot licker to the powerful. for shame. read the NYTimes,, the WSJ -- or some other organ of quality to see how it's done. don't waste our time with this drivel. caddidy ps: also...that falsetto, wimpy interviewing voice just doesn't cut it

    Did we get Slashdotted?


    They are probably analyzing the video with a fine-tooth comb as we speak.

    Great video indeed, my favorite along with Steve Ballmer and Jim Allchin.
  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    "The interface and features are not as good as Mac OS"

    "Bow down Microsoft give in to anyone with a little cash(IMHO). Really; I am glad that there are GOOD alternatives out there, IE Linux, BSD, and even the Mac. Take back your computer and enjoy feeling the freedom and empowerment that comes from using an alternative OS. Try Linux, it is always free, free of cost and free of viruses, spyware, tcpa, and drm. Also most every program you could want, good programs can be downloaded and used for free. Try, or, or"

    "Microsoft is going to catch up to Apples current technology and features... in over 1 year. By then Mac OS X and Linux will be years & years ahead. Again. "

    Yes, that was really enlightening. I am quite curious to find out how you find these and 70% other similar reviews, "eye opener".

    Also, no one sane enough rates an operating system lower than 4. I don't think there's any operating system deserving less than 4 out of 10. Most of the reviewers on CNET rated Vista 1, 2 or 3. Not to mention reviews such as "I can create Windows Vista at home using skins", reviews which clearly come from someone who only judges by seeing a couple of screenshots.

    And when Apple launched Tiger, why weren't there any Microsoft zealots posting reviews such as the ones I see now on CNET: "Who needs it? I wonder, who needs it. It is not going to make my customers pay their bills faster, it will not make them accept higher prices...". With this kind of perspectives you'll not be going far my friend.

    I'm convinced now. No matter what Microsoft is going to do, biased reviews will always exist. And there will always be someone to hijack  forums and blogs with their unconstructive, obsesively repeating comments. Microsoft enthusiasts don't join Linux or Mac forums talking about how great Windows is. If Linux or Mac was that great, it would have the OS market by now. The same way Ford lost in front of Toyota on the US market recently.

  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    No wonder. There are lots of Linux zealots and other Microsoft haters that hunt these reviews and hijack them with comments and bad ratings. You can see them everywhere, here, on Robert's blog, on MSDN, on Neowin, and so on. They have nothing better to do between kernel version updates.
  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Hey, one other thing. I was browsing the C9 forums with IE and it seems that pages load much faster (considering my connection has only 44 KB/s). Anyone else experiencing that using Vista's IE 7?
  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Dialog boxes, maximized windows and certain other windows don't have the titlebar transparent. I believe that with a transparent titlebar you can focus more on the what's in the window, disregarding the titlebar (which you rarely look at).

    Also, they added an interesting blur effect so that the text in the titlebar can be readable.

    First I was a bit confused with Virtual Folders, then I got used to them. It shouldn't take long for the typical Windows XP user to accommodate to Vista. The basic operations like simply browsing for a file and other routine tasks are still similar to the previous Windows operating systems.

    One of the graphic effects I like most on Vista is when you hover over the minimize, maximize/restore and close buttons in the titlebar. I updated the page and added screenshots with this effect.

  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    GoldenEye wrote:

    I dont think you need a very fast computer at all to run this. Vista is running better for me than XP ever did.
    I can actually have adobe photoshop cs 2 open, and it will not lag down all my other applications or my desktop.

    I have penitum 4 2.6ghz with 384ddr ram. So my pC isnt the fastest and Vista runs nice and smooth on it.

    I think alot of people will find this OS incredible. Especially how much better its going to be in its final release.


    Same here. The PC I installed Vista on doesn't even meet the minimum requirements, and it still runs way better than I expected. It seems to even access the HDD less than XP does, and most of the applications run smoothly.

    For those of you who don't have access to Vista, I posted 19 screenshots at

    Though, it's a pity you can't see the animations.

  • Jim Allchin - From starving musician to Longhorn vice president

    Great interview, now I'm more anxious than ever for Longhorn to come. For me, as a geek, I'm going to feel like moving in a new home.