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Andrei P Andrei P Geekpedia.​com
  • Core numbers vs GHz Speed

    Just a few days ago Intel showcased their first 80 core CPU. Unfortunately we won't see it hit the market in less than 5 years. Hopefully by that time, we'll see software taking advantage of the cores. I know Windows 7 introduces more support for them, but I doubt we'll see a noticeable performance increase until a Windows version developed with parallel processing in mind, becomes available.

  • Help me pick a logo

    brian.shapiro said:
    Andrei P said:
    Thanks for the submissions. If you look at the ones we've rated 3 and 4 stars, we're shooting for a simple concept that's witty at the same time. Right now we're considering #8.

  • Help me pick a logo

    stevo_ said:
    spivonious said:
    This is how logos are designed now? you put a snip of text on a page and let a few 100 people submit designs? what about usage guidelines, refinement? creating a logo by learning about what makes your company.. YOUR company?

    Just seems very impersonal.
    In this line of business where new projects are flowing in each day, this is how logos are designed. Besides, the more strict you are about the design, the more you strip the designer of his/her creativity. Let designers be creative and come up with their own idea for the logo, that's what we believe in.

    And by the way, there are more details for designers in the contest brief.

  • Help me pick a logo

    brian.shapiro said:
    Andrei P said:
    where does the name terrasynq come from
    That's... a good question.

    Let me think about it.

  • Help me pick a logo

    Ion Todirel said:
    It's not that easy to pickup a logo if we don't know anything about the future company... although those are my favorites:

    The info is in the brief. We're a software company that works with mid-size and large companies on developing websites and client software, so we need something that looks professional and not overly complicated. So many of these designs are great, but not all of them fit us and some are simply too generic.

  • Help me pick a logo

    brian.shapiro said:
    This isn't giving me a chance to submit a design to you, Andrei...

    Fire up MS Paint Smiley

    We could extend the contest but I think that's only going to make it more difficult to come up with a decision. Besides, there are more logo submissions than you see in there. Like the logos at http://99designs.com/users/264730 were withdrawn to avoid a conflict with another designer.

  • Help me pick a logo

    So we've started a contest looking for a logo for our new software development company, and as you might expect now we can't make up our mind. We've started asking around and I thought about Channel 9 because it has some designers around *cough* Jamie *cough* and some people that can appreciate a good design.

    Here they are: http://99designs.com/contests/13091 (spans over two pages)

    Which one would you pick?

  • The Radio

    My YouTube flash embed doesn't show up, so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_JGDO3X87g%20" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_JGDO3X87g

    Yes, I do like it better than the original by David Bowie. And don't say blasphemy just yet, hear it a couple of times.

    Unfortunately the full length song is no where to be found, many have searched for it.

    Oh, and I also like that Lincoln.

  • Markets still crashing - Who'se to blame?

    phreaks said:
    4:00 on Thursday 

    Dow 8,589.70 -668.40 -7.22%

    Yes, definitely not a good day. And not a good day to have bought Google:

    GOOGLE INC A 140 $343.09 $323.50 $45,290.00 -5.71 % -$2,742.60

    Or was it?  If this whole thing wears off in a few months, bargain hunting now will pay off later.

  • So how is Live Search doing?

    jamie said:
    Andrei P said:

    "Analyst sees desperation in Microsoft SearchPerks"
    I guess back when Microsoft was saying they are investing $1 billion into Live Search, it had to do with these rewards programs.