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Niner since 2007

  • Xml Editor: Creating Code Snippets

    Great video! I just customized a snippet I downloaded from an online library. It inserts a ternary operator in C#. I wish I would have seen this video first!  :O
  • Screencast - Transactional NTFS and WCF

    Nice! I have a question about an attribute on this service.

    It was marked with the auto-complete attribute that votes to commit the transation if no exceptions occur. What effect does that have in this case?

    The client has to issue the commit in this scenario. Is the work performed by the service still uncommitted at the period of time "after the service method completes and before the commit button is clicked"? I suspect yes, so why have that attribute on the method? Is it just to play nice in case this service is invoked by a different type of client?