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AndyC AndyC
  • PDF Application

    Er, yes. Obviously.

    ps2pdf for example.

  • comments on Longhorn and the Xaml / GUI and skinning of

    All skinable applications are evil. So sayeth the system administrators.


  • Gates: "There is nothing monolithic about chaos."

    I think the point he's getting at is that it is difficult to negotiate a "standard" with a disparate bunch of people rather than an organization.

    So, MSFT could go speak to the Samba people tommorrow and agree on a set way of doing things, only for someone to fork the codebase the next day because they think there is a better way. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to get actual agreements on how things happen - ultimately there isn't anyone with the authority to say "okay, let's do it that way"

    Sure there are things like LSB that want to fix these issues but they're by no means compulsorary, nor can they ever be. The Linux world can't even agree on a standard GUI so why people expect them to agree on anything else is beyond me.

  • Security on an external hard drive

    Not from an encrypted NTFS folder you can't. If you didn't back up the recovery agent you're pretty much stuffed as far as recovering it directly goes.

  • Device driver marked for deletion

    It's really not a good idea to try to circumvent the in-use file renaming/deleting mechanism. The reason it's asking you to reboot is because that file is loaded and just swapping it out randomly is going to cause a whole heap of issues. Sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet and restart and changing your virus scanner is almost certainly one of those times.

    As others have said, if it is critical that the site is up 24/7 then you need to load balance it. If not then you really ought to avoid making changes like that until a time when you can afford a restart.

  • And so it begins.

    Beer28 wrote:

    Yeah, but solaris is free now, I guess I see your point about it not being free back then.
    I'm still shopping for a solaris box for testing.
    I found some pretty good deals on refurbs here

    They have ultra5's for like a hundred bucks.

    Well worth it. They aren't the most powerful boxes in the world but they do alright for low capacity stuff, a fair chunk of the network services here run on Sparc Ultra 5s.

  • the Problem of Enterprise Parallel Computing

    leighsword wrote:

    WSE can not handle a parallel problem, that's why i said that .Net is not for enterprise software.

    What does any of that have to do with .Net? .Net can do both Socket programming and Web Service programming. Java can do both Socket programming and Web Service programming. Heck, native C++ can do both Socket programming and Web Service programming.

    Please stop posting pointless trolls and go and either actually learn what it is you're talking about or don't talk about it. As it is you come across as being a lot less knowledgable than you may well be.

  • PC disaster - urgent help needed (resolved)

    I'd agree it's likely a power problem somewhere. I've not heard of "incompatible" power supplies, but I guess there are cheapo ones that don't necessarily provide a reliable enough supply for those pesky temperamental AMD processors.

  • PC disaster - urgent help needed (resolved)

    Sven Groot wrote:

    You mean leave it beeping for five minutes, or turn it off for five minutes then try again? I've tried again so many times now, I don't expect that's it.

    I know it sounds bizarre and inexplicable but this is completely reproducible on my PC (and I've known others describe a similar situation with AMD machines)

    My machine is plugged into a 4-way, surge protected mains adapter along with the monitor/printer/scanner. If I ever unplug that or switch it off, I have to wait around five minutes after turning the mains on - to give time for the printer/monitor etc to start up and the voltages to stabilize.

    Once everything has settled I can turn the machine on and off at will without issue. But if I unplug that mains adapter...

  • And so it begins.

    Beer28 wrote:

    Linux is the poor man's unix clone, but it works on solaris and solaris 10 works on x86, the poor man's box and is free. Explain that one?

    'twas only available of Sparc Solaris (Solaris x86 wasn't available back then) and I don't think Solaris was free then either. In any case, Sparc hardware was a long way from cheap. 

    Beer28 wrote:

    Also, I don't see a download link. Did they release a source package,

    No. IE isn't open source, so why would they? I'm not sure you can download it any more as IE 5 is no longer a supported piece of software and IE 6 never made it to Unix.