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AndyC AndyC
  • PC disaster - urgent help needed (resolved)

    I'd agree it's likely a power problem somewhere. I've not heard of "incompatible" power supplies, but I guess there are cheapo ones that don't necessarily provide a reliable enough supply for those pesky temperamental AMD processors.

  • PC disaster - urgent help needed (resolved)

    Sven Groot wrote:

    You mean leave it beeping for five minutes, or turn it off for five minutes then try again? I've tried again so many times now, I don't expect that's it.

    I know it sounds bizarre and inexplicable but this is completely reproducible on my PC (and I've known others describe a similar situation with AMD machines)

    My machine is plugged into a 4-way, surge protected mains adapter along with the monitor/printer/scanner. If I ever unplug that or switch it off, I have to wait around five minutes after turning the mains on - to give time for the printer/monitor etc to start up and the voltages to stabilize.

    Once everything has settled I can turn the machine on and off at will without issue. But if I unplug that mains adapter...

  • And so it begins.

    Beer28 wrote:

    Linux is the poor man's unix clone, but it works on solaris and solaris 10 works on x86, the poor man's box and is free. Explain that one?

    'twas only available of Sparc Solaris (Solaris x86 wasn't available back then) and I don't think Solaris was free then either. In any case, Sparc hardware was a long way from cheap. 

    Beer28 wrote:

    Also, I don't see a download link. Did they release a source package,

    No. IE isn't open source, so why would they? I'm not sure you can download it any more as IE 5 is no longer a supported piece of software and IE 6 never made it to Unix.

  • PC disaster - urgent help needed (resolved)

    My AMD64 machine does exactly the same. Plug it in and turn on the power and it'll just beep. Give it five minutes or so and then turn it on. If it beeps, give it a little longer then repeat.

    Chances are it'll kick in and start after a while. As Cider says, I think it has something to do with not quite getting a clean supply during power up, particularly if you've got a bunch of other peripherals (printer, scanner etc) that are drawing current from the same source when you switch the mains on.

  • OpenBSD 3.6

    lars wrote:
    It seems there are a zillion different BSDs. ... Which one is the dominant distibution?

    Mac OS X. Smiley

  • And so it begins.

    Beer28 wrote:

    It's not as good as FFox on linux. I'm thinking they should have released that IE for unix for real that mainsoft made so there would be a native version for linux.

    They did, doesn't work on poor mans unix clones like Linux though...

  • Never be a .Net Programmer

    Beer28 wrote:

    You'd wear out the 0-F keys on your keyboard in no time.
    Are you talking about keying in the opcodes as hex in a hex editor manually?

    What about the file format and all the structs?

    I dunno if I could even manage that for a .com file.

    Hex is for wimps, just type it all in binary, the file format and structs can all be manually created. Sure it'd be a pain, but productivity isn't worth anything, is it? Difficult to write equates to better code.

    At least in Leighstroll's world.

  • Can Open Source trust Microsoft?

    Beer28 wrote:

    Has anything that's GPL licensed with exception of the derived commercial applications of linux ever made billions of dollars?


    Do you consider that a positive thing?

  • Never be a .Net Programmer

    I presume that you're giving up C++ then and coding everything by hand-assembled x86.

    Or perhaps we've moved on beyond "that early and rude state of society which precedes both the accumulation of stock and the appropriation of land"

  • Paul review Longhorn 5048

    jamie wrote:

    i agree completely

    this goes well beyond the "label" of hardware release only

    4 years of secrecy and promises ... then this.

    What dont people understand about being letdown? It's an emotional thing to be sure

    Your assuming that everything they currently have for Longhorn has been included in that build - it hasn't. I should imagine pretty much everyone here has played with the Avalon stuff, but that's not there. IE7 is approaching beta stage and that's also not there.

    Complaining that bits are missing is a fundamental misunderstanding about what this build was intended for. Microsoft were handing it out to device driver developers so that they can try their code out on it. All the bits that aren't finalised or aren't stable are deliberately left out to provide the most reliable platform for testing drivers on.

    Paul really ought to know better.