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Niner since 2006

Student at the Univeristy of Hull, taking part in this years Imagine Cup along with Tom Randell and James Lissiak as the UK entry. Also work on a whole bunch of random other projects such as UT Bots.


  • Popfly

    Cheers is the British way though Wink.
  • Imagine Cup: Team UK

    Thanks guys!

    Was worried that we were a bit nervous to begin with.Smiley

    Funny that you mention about taking on projects, i think most geek type people i know always have some random project on the go even if it's just to play with some new technology. The imagine cup can be great for that as it gives it some structure and the odd frebie Smiley but more over makes you actually wanna finish the project!

    If any of you are interested we have a blog kinda thing over on The Reg Developer which we try to post too.

    <Andy the guy with the disturbing grin>