Typical Microsoft, the usual Marketing Strategy, everything is SALEs oriented the bottom line
is products are Crude, Badly Written, full of bugs and nothing seems to work they way
they say, it is all Sale, Sales,Sales, Marketing,Marketing, Marketing, the documentation is
horrible, there is allways, I mean 100% some hidden crap you have to know or it does not work..

I am tired of Microsoft, and cant wai to see Open source to to force MS to change their ways

My opinion this Ocassionaly blah blah blah is another funky name for a very bad unreliable technology
from MS like many other things, they are MASTERs of Marketing and funcky names havent you notice?

REPLICA, TOPOLOGY......Wow, it used to be ROBUST a word they dont even know the meaning...or so it seems..

What a joke, I know you guys are gonna have to change the way you do things and come around to crearte
really usefull technology