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  • Series Introduction - 01


    I wrote you off line. I'd like to write here just that I know how good your videos are because I learned a lot from them but that was a long time ago.

  • Series Introduction - 01

    So thank you Bob for this free course.

    What I really do not understand is: why don't you post this course on your website? I am entitled to ask because I am a lifetime subscriber and there is no evidence of "latest" technology on LearnVisualStudio.NET since 2010.. maybe earlier.

    Last VS course was about VS2010.

    Last Web development: MVC3.

    Last RIA course: Silverlight 4 Level 1.

    You still have still a course "First impressions Visual Studio 2010 series". No Windows 8 development, no VS2012, no Silverlight 5, no MVC 4, no HTML 5.

    If I am missing something, please, please, forgive me and point me to the right web pages on LearnVisualStudio.NET. But if I am right just tell me "a lifetime subscription was a mistake". I made a lot of mistakes (like everybody), one more just don't make a difference.

    Again, sorry if I am wrong.

  • 8 traits of great Metro style apps

    Guys.. I really need a 6th star to rate thi session.

  • Effective Validation Techniques with MVVM in Silverlight

    Very very good stuff!

    Hope to try it soon on my work.