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Angus Angus .
  • What's the largest you have let your recycle bin become?

    littleguru wrote:
    What's the point in Shift+Delete when you can disable the recylce bin after all?

    I assume that it is due to the choice which is offered when one is using the "Shift-Delete" technique (as opposed to the disabling of the recycle bin).

    Angus Higgins

  • What happened to Madeline Mcann?

    Dr Herbie wrote:
    I think 'she' is the pronoun you are looking for : she was a person, not an object.

    My post conveyed my thoughts (I believe). "The child", and "she" are equivalent in that sense ("it" is also equivalent [in the context]).

    Angus Higgins

  • What happened to Madeline Mcann?

    It was bad to bring the whole issue into the public domain (to such a large degree [I believe]).

    If a person was holding the child (due to a kidnap [although this is not certainly the case]), would they not merely kill it (as they would know that many, many people were searching for the child)?

    I have never been interested in the issue.

    Angus Higgins

  • CAPTCHA Busted

    W3bbo wrote:
    CompGuy101 wrote:
    Simple math problems...but instead of text, use a captcha number.

    On the contrary, I proprose incredibly hard math problems (stuff like integrals, hyperbolics, or catastrophe theory if I'm feeling evil). This has numerous advantages:

    • It means only intelligent people are members
    • Not even OCR software would work, since OCR fails terribly at reading complex typesetting. It's going to get confused with greek letters, large operators, and all that
    • The site could make a bunch of money by putting proper math problems as the CAPTCHAs. The site could use the user-generated solutions as an income source as it submits them to the problem's organizers.
      • Although one saying "Prove (or disprove) that the complexity classes P=NP" is a little too far.
        • No, no jokes about N=1
    Requiring CC payment kept the kids out of SA, I don't see why a little degree level CAPTCHA can't keep the idiots out of technical forums

    That is (I would say) an incredibly bad idea. It might be useful to ensure that the people on a forum have a certain level of Mathematical knowledge, but it is rather pointless for anything else (I believe). (If one aims to limit [severely] the number of members [on a forum] then this might work [as the sub-set of the people who could actually solve these problems would be very small {proportionally}]).

    I do like the idea of a challenge (personally), and therefore I might like to attempt to solve something (of this manner [merely for fun]). It is still a very bad idea (in the vast majority of cases).

    Angus Higgins

  • New emoticon?

    There are many others. (Increment the number [initially "17"] in the following URL [or hyperlink]):


    Angus Higgins

  • Oooooh, new events

    W3bbo wrote:
    Ion Todirel wrote:
    brian.shapiro wrote:
    when we find out the stock photo guy isnt a developer but a professional model, there'll be a scandal.
    nah, looks like a developer

    Nah, can't be; look at his computer monitor:

    • Luna enabled
    • Tiles folder view
    • Folder tasks enabled
    Definately a model, or he might be an MS developer, but he must be one of those "Not Invented Here" types because who else would believe that Tile view is the best way to view a folder's contents?

    I would expect that the person is a professional model (and the computer [including peripherials {such as the monitor}] is merely theatrical property).

    Angus Higgins

  • Anyone got a dummy's guide to install linux in Virtual PC?

    blowdart wrote:
    GoddersUK wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    PC, not server. I want to get a miminal setup installed (gnome, firefox and digitalme, nothing more)

    Err, I installed Ubuntu 7.04 in VPC and didn't have any problems. You just set VPC's cd drive to the location of your ISO and proceed as per normal install.

    Yea; I have no mouse during the GUI part of the install. Is that normal?

    Try the "alternative installation" ISO file. (This should use the [superior {in my opinion} text installation {hence no mouse is needed}]).

    Angus Higgins

  • Anyone got a dummy's guide to install linux in Virtual PC?

    blowdart wrote:
    PC, not server. I want to get a miminal setup installed (gnome, firefox and digitalme, nothing more)



    Might help. (I found it to be interesting [and helpful]).

    Angus Higgins

  • Linux hits the high street

    This is very interesting (I believe).

    I think it could cause some level (elevated [that is]) of animosity towards Linux. The average buyer will see the computer on sale at a low price, and simply buy it. (They then will question "Why is [insert name of application here] not working?").

    I (personally have) found the transition between Windows and Linux very easy (mainly due to Ubuntu [the simplicity of Ubuntu {to be precise}]).

    Angus Higgins

  • Tired of Sudoku?

    AndyC wrote:
    Angus wrote:

    Why must I be met with such arguments (on many forums [and on IRC Channels])?

    Because I've been reading and writing for the best part of 30 years and have been quite capable of inferring meaning from context without the need to resort to bizarre and illogical punctuation.

    Inferrence is a bad thing. (It assumes a skill that [itself] is rather illogical [I believe {although I am sure that "illogical" is an incorrect term in this context (I have no formal education of logic [I believe])}]).

    Angus Higgins