Richard Hay

Richard Hay AnotherWin95 A Technology Geek Serving His Country!


Niner since 2006

I have served for 28 plus years in the Navy and am a Master Chief Petty Officer. My work background in the Navy is telecommunications related so my hobby of computers fit well in what I did for the Navy. I consider myself a tech geek and enjoy most things in that arena.My first website – – came online in 1996. Back then I used GeoCities Web Hosting for it and have all the GeoCities “stuff” to show for it!I have progressed from a single page, link-filled, static html page to using PHP, databases and coding to make my pages. Sometimes I just don’t believe it myself!In January 2010 my community contributions were recognized by Microsoft when I received my first Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Windows Desktop Experience.