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  • Inside MIX: The Philosophy of MIX - Past, Present and Future

  • Ariel Stallings: ​Microspotti​ng the Empire

    I am not complaining about Ariel or Ritzy! I am complaining about you! Smiley  The truth is, I think both of them covered for you.

    The post is called Ariel Stallings "Microspotting the empire". so I thought Ariel will explain about Ariel and Charles & Ritzy will find out about the empire, and then so will I. Now Ritzy is Marketing so I don't expect her to try and shake out "interesting spottings" but I did honestly expect it from Charles the Inquisitive.

    But maybe it is just me, I was so enthusiastic after the Roz interview, I had to edit my post!

  • Ariel Stallings: ​Microspotti​ng the Empire

    no, it was a monologue by Ariel. which is totally fine. I like her style. but it is not what you would expect from an entry in WM_IN with charles and ritzy, especially if charles is not asking questions.
  • Ariel Stallings: ​Microspotti​ng the Empire

    but, but, but, PEOPLE be reasonable, who am I blaming if not Microsoft? you really need to be the deathstar! do it for me, ok?, will you? please!
    I can't turn to Apple for that, they don't have products!! what would I do? nobody in his right mind would expect the next iBubble to work! so why complain?

    Look, how will I be glorious Tron if there is no Master Control Program?

    Take Vista or the ribbon, they are really, really terrible AND stupid, giving me lots to complain about, but then, I don't even use those! I use Windows XP, so my vote doesn't really count!

    See how that works? It's WIN WIN!

    But seriously:

    Would it be possible at Microsoft to admit that Steve Ballmer (who I love) is burnt out and nobody "really" likes Ray Ozzie? That would indeed be "open". Honestly, I can't see that. The clothes and hair thing? "Come on!"

    Charles: This wasn't an interview, it was 40 minutes of Microplugging.

    To answer your only question: "Is there a Microsoft culture?":

    "No, there is only a developer culture and it is where you'd expect it to be, with Anders, Brian, Erik, aso.. so you did the right thing focusing Channel9 on technical issues, otherwise there probably wouldn't be a Channel9 anymore."

    Did someone force you to do that, you can tell me!

  • This Week on C9: The Thanksgiving Episode

    thats good news!

    I hope your wrist is planning to be nice to you!

  • This Week on C9: The Thanksgiving Episode

    not living in the us,
    thankful nonetheless! *g*

    dan looks very pale, are you sure he is alright after the accident?

  • Roz Ho: Reflections On Leadership and Believing in Yourself

    great interview as always! Smiley
  • John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos: Inside .NET Services

    Hi Charles, I would love to see a cloud specific show, maybe have John, Dennis as regulars. You could even call it "cloud7" Smiley
  • Expert to Expert: Erik Meijer and Bart De Smet - LINQ-to-​Anything

    "It's a different camel!" Erik Meijer

    I love that man!

    And you too Charles!

    What a great interview. I'd love to see more of Powershell by the way!
    Maybe Jeffery Snover could do a few more videos? (hint-e-di-hint-hint)
  • Ray Ozzie: Introducing Live Mesh

    Ray Ozzie is a terrible speaker, I cant sit to any of his talks (including this one). It is like staring at a blank wall. There is noise, but no content.

    Live Mesh, I am sorry but sticking wings to a fish (and giving him a shiny label), wont make him fly. (apple doesn't fly, their users just believe it does... please dont go there!)

    I miss Bill Gates already. Putting a computer on every desk! Yeah!
    And now: Hey, we are copying your files on any server! Ah, and back again!

    Please give this job, ahm this title, to Scott Guthrie, just because he has no time for big pointless speeches, doesn't mean he doesn't fit the role, it means he is working his behind off for REAL innovation.

    Also: He can talk! (hope he does at PDC)
  • Channel9 Team : Spam Video Filter Beta

    no, no, not heuristical, hysterical is the word Smiley
  • Niners on 9: Littleguru, Zeus and JasonOlson

    littleguru wrote:
    It was quite good the last few days Where do you live in Vienna? Nice to see Austrian people watching the videos.

    yes! and I've been sick for a week now LOL. actually I live not very far from TU. though I've never been there myself, I'm autodidact.