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  • Niners on 9: Littleguru, Zeus and JasonOlson

    littleguru wrote:
    Are you located in Vienna aswell?

    I totally agree. it really is grey. I got a bright light lamp a few years back. it compensates for grey skies.

    yeah Barcelona would have been fun, sadly I couldn't go. Sad

    yes I live in vienna. I really like it, but I am looking forward to a "sunny" break! Smiley


  • Niners on 9: Littleguru, Zeus and JasonOlson

    I guess the "shy" part is preventing people from applying for a job on c9. having more niners in videos like this might show some of them that there is no need to be shy.

    I would have suggested little guru immediately, but I can understand that he needs to focus on his education.

    perhaps c9 could have a sub conference on any of the next big events. that way more niners could try there face on camera.

    I am sure charles would appreciate getting some assistence, it sometimes seems like he is pulling the cart all by himself, which is certainly romantic for a time, but becomes very exhausting very fast. I know, I've been there, many times...

    little guru: hey, how do you like vienna? Smiley
  • Brian Beckman: Don't fear the Monad

    Thats great!

    I still don't think I understand monads and functional programming, my lack of math background is complicating things. But I totally get the complexity built on simplicity to ensure composability part, that is kind of my whole bid.

    simplicity meaning: "easy to decide" as opposed to "easy, because I don't have to decide". so I guess functional programming will still require a very particular mindset to be successfully employed.

    I am really looking forward to seeing more great interviews like this one.

  • Brian Beckman: Don't fear the Monad

    Brian Beckman, the Gandalf of Programming!
    is it possible to mix c# and f#? (I'm new to this, obviously)
  • Brian Beckman: A Brief History of Computing

    I really like stuff like this. Since I am watching Channel 9 for hours on end (while I am working) I am through anything that peaks my interest and almost anything that doesn't. 

    There really should be a Brian Beckman show (and also a Jeffrey Snover and Scott Guthrie show for that matter. although you probably should let him have a long vacation first! he looks like a two year crunch at least)

    Well and since I am at it already: THANK YOU Charles!