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  • Exploring the new ​Domain-​Specific Language (DSL) Tools with Stuart Kent

    Hello Charles,

    I liked this new tool, and I really enjoy using it.

    Although I have the same question with "moazrub".

    I want to embed the designer into my aplication, and control it, getting the model when the user finishes the drawing.

    I was reading the book "Domain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL Tools" by Steve Cook, Gareth Jones et al.
    In chapter 10 "Advanced DSL Customization" subchapter "Building the DSL Diagram into Another Interface", we read that it is possible to embed a Docview, but mentions nothing about using the whole designer, and getting the model back.

    In other words, is it possible to use my own application instead the "Experimental Copy of Visual Studio Hive"??
    Does DSL tools and GMF (http://www.eclipse.org/gmf/) share some common functionality? or even better is ALL the GMF functionality included-provided by DSL tools?

    Thank you in advance,