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  • Will IE add a built-in spell checker?

    I think most people simply overlook (and taking for granted) things that big companies brought forth, and set low standards for creations by 16 year old basement dwelling kids. XMLHttpRequest came from MS and still people say the company never innovates.

  • Quick Asp.Net 2.0 question


  • Quick Asp.Net 2.0 question

    sgomez wrote:

    Great tip, thanks...

    But still not working...

    <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text='<%= "Hello " + "World!"%>'></asp:Label>

    generates this:
    <span id="Label1"><%= "Hello " + "World!"%></span>

    Text property expects a string, and if the tag is not <%# %>, it will consider that a literal string; <%= Hello + World %>  in this case. If you want evaluation on the front page, you'd need <%# %>, but that will require you to raise DataBind event.

    One nice thing about <%# %> is you can put them anywhere... such as

    <asp:Repeater ... DataSource="<%# SomeObject.SomeCollection %>" ...>

    So you can actually assign data to controls without doing it in code behind. I prefer this method because it lets me see where I'm getting the data from.

  • Settling the religous debates once and for all

    Sabot wrote:
    People have argued for centuries about Jesus and religions, so we aren't going to crack the issues here on C9 are we?

    But I have a belief about what will solve the issues once and for all.


    Sorry, my friend, time will not change much. Religion will only evolve with changing human thinking. It's inescapable. First we have Terracentric thinking, then when we all know it's heliocentric, somehow we managed to adapt religions to work with that new discovery. And then when we proved that Earth was more than 5,000 years old, religion still works. Then evolution etc etc... It's really a waste of time when it's clearly an outflowing channel of human's dissatisfaction of its own fragility and insignificance in the universe. Healthier to admit that kind of fragility and insignificance than to force to think otherwise. Didn't you guys get taught that you should be who you are and be proud of who you are in pre-school? It's the biggest athiest organized conspiracy, ya'know.

  • like animation? rent Mirror Mask..  (minh?)

    Cairo wrote:
    What's the music that's used in the flash movie on that website?

    I believe it's Iain Ballamy. His rendition of "Close to You" is just awesome.

  • Office12 Document Format is Not an Open File Format

    PaoloM wrote:
    leighsword wrote:
    I remebered I used the legendary 'notepad' to modify and save the Xml file, so I don't think there such an encoding problem.

    That's exactly why.

    I think that's why too. Remember that XML headers define the encoding (usually UTF-8), so the parser will switch to different decoding schemes regardless of what the file originally is. Notepad can save in UTF-8 format, but on my English machine it saves as ASCII by default. See what your Notepad saved it as.

    Office can say "XML file appears to be corrupted" but a standard user will not know what that is all about. ("I'm opening a Word file! What XML file!?!")

  • Data model performance question (splitting tables)

    Is it a good idea to split tables? Let's say I have a table of photos, a table of galleries, a table to relate photos to galleries (M-to-N), a table of articles, and a table to relate photos to articles (M-to-N). Should I combine these two relation tables into one and distinguish each relation with a type, or split it into two by type? If I split them, the growth of table size will only be moderate, say O(1.5N), knowing that a photo may only be featured in 1.5 galleries on average (maybe lower). If I combine them, it may make searches lengthier because it will record all relationships, including ones that I have no mentioned, making the growth likely be O(m x n) or maybe O(n^2). So one makes coding harder and overall performance better, the other makes coding easy but performance may be unscaleable. Further, it's very likely that finding photos in a gallery occurs more frequently than finding all relations in a gallery. What should I do?

  • Subtitles?

    Well, there are transcripts, but I guess not too many of them. I think WMV supports something like a text subtitle thing? On top of transcribing uttered words, syncing it with video must be a bigger job.

  • IE7 ​teaser/comm​ercial.

    Stephen wrote:

    I thought he was going to activate the trash compactor

    Nice one though
    What a waste! He didn't even recycle the cat food can!

  • Explorer thumbnails not reflecting image

    I had the same problem and never found a way to solve it. Although I think it may very well be the fact that JPEGs contain more than one image... perhaps because of EXIF?