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  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    Nice Gadget,
    but I stick with Dasher on this one: People need a device that cosolidates the existing mobile mess they have.
    I carry 2 to 3 cell phones, a pocket PC and a laptop, plus numerous adapters, memory cards, usb peripherals. The usual mobile heavy bag.

    I was hoping the Origami concept would enable us to do away with some of this stuff.
    Like all the chargers: Have istandard usb charging port for external devices
    Or the many adapters: have a nice aray of memory card slots
    Or support an external display without needing a cradle, which is just one more thing for the mobile bag: As a trainer connectivity to a projector is a big thing.

    And have more connectivity
    More connectivity: Wireless is great, Blue Tooth hasn't really worked that well unless all devices are bought as a package and are in-tune with each other, but what about an on-board Eathernet card for higher throughput when you are near a connection, or Infrared that's been working great for basic walk-up computing.

    I'd also like to see a ruggedized version as this device is more likely to be accidentally dropped (ie harder to hold with one hand than a pocketPC, yet small enough to do it anyway), but those are hardware vendor decisions.

    I was looking at the Ultra Mobile PC as a solution for my needs which are an ultra mobile PC, but generation1 doesn't provide a viable alternative, so we'll see what other hardware comes out instead. Currently the VISTA Laptops with secondary display support for quick access to email and contacts look good, but we'll see what actually hits the market.