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  • F# and Windows Azure with Don Syme (#3 of 4)

    F# Async to the max ...

  • Lists in F#

    Thanks Gordon and Kathleen.

    I agree, Godeke's "...very important..."

    My interest is in creative visualization using F# and WPF graphics.

    F# lists meets WPF arrays ... shim.

    Are there examples working with F# polygon coordinate lists and than displaying them with WPF?


  • Expert to Expert: Erik Meijer and Anders Hejlsberg - The Future of C#

    Thanks. It's all good.
    If you don't have 70 minutes, some good bits, at approx. times:
    - "continous design", 29:04
    - "C 6.0 ...37 years..." , 38:--
    - "OO v Fun ..." , 60:--
    - For sure  "... look at that shirt ..." , 64:--
    - "... create new language ..." , 65:--
    - "... the grass has to be an aweful lot greener over there and there has to be one heck of a giant carrot ...", 67:30
    -- How green is the F# garden? And how BIG is the F# carrot? Compared to what ... GM SUV or Toyota Hybrid?
    -- Sometimes change is not evolutionary, but revolutionary. See single xPU's in museums, today!
    -- Note to self: check out Lynn Hill's group.
    - There should be some richness at 42:-- too
    - Yes, I have way too much time.
    - Let's have some more fun.
  • An Introduction to Microsoft F#


  • The Concurrency Runtime: Fine Grained Parallelism for C++

    Thanks, Great stuff can't get enough, looking forward to PDC presentations, etc.

    Is TCR: FGP "equal" on all many-core CPUs, GPUs, CPU-GPUs?

    Is there a suite of performance tests? Same app/code on different chips? (Or must we wait for marketing pr wars?)

    Do you have any hardware guys on your team or do you depend on industry contacts for down to the metal knowledge to inform your architecture, TCR: FGP?