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  • Make Your Desktop App Great with Touch, Mouse, and Pen

    Very good, we now know that you can read from a script. This was a good topic that was really killed by a dull speaker (I'm sorry, but it's true). Half of it sounded like a forced sales pitch. You might as well have put the entire content of the talk in the slides and let people read it for themselves.

    Also, you did one of the things I deeply despise and that's say (to the effect of) "well, there's this other more complicated thing which you really have to do to get a meaningful experience, but we're not actually going to show you where to do it or how." (Hint: this was said in regards to zooming) When such a situation is encountered the proper solution should be to release another version of the sample which addresses the issue and not to leave the uneducated in ignorance.

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Part 2

    I do have one question regarding future releases,

    If EF will be NuGet only, what will support for Express versions be seeing as NuGet is an extension; or will it be (or is it) one of the few Express scantioned extensions? Obviously if NuGet isn't usable in Express this will severly limit who can use the latest versions.