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  • Brad Abrams - Silverlight 3.0 for Great Business Apps

    Yep, you can definitely make your URLs cleaner, to remove file extensions, query strings, etc.  You'll find it to be very similar to ASP.NET MVC in general concept (and even a bit in syntax), so hopefully the learning curve is smooth.

    But, one thing to note is that they'll never be quite as good as pure server-side URLs because Silverlight (like Flash, AJAX, etc.) can only update the part of the URL after the hash ("#"), so you'll get http://some/server/url#some/client/url - careful thinking can still lead to something very nice, you're just stuck with the "#" in the middle somewhere.
  • John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos: BizTalk Services Explained

    This video has me pretty excited about where this project might go, but I have one question about future plans (which I realize you may not want to talk about now, but I have to ask anyway...)

    How do you plan to deal with occasionally-connected clients to the ISB?  How will they get access to events published when they were disconnected?