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  • Samuel Druker - What should developers do to plan ahead for WinFS?


    Maybe you should read a little more about WinFS before you start writing these kinds of posts.  The only similarities between Web Fountain and WinFS is that they both have something to do with databases.  Web Fountain is not for managing files, its for managing collections of data stored in DBs.

    Oracle Files and WinFS share a few more similarities, but if I'm not mistaken, Oracle Files is oriented towards storing your data on a central server with a set of interfaces to retrieve it.  At least at the moment, WinFS is more concerned with managing your local files and providing mechanisms to query them as well as relate them to other files and/or application content.  I don't think they both offer the same set of features in terms of designing custom schemas, etc.

    In any case, DB file systems have been in OSes for years.  I think the point MS is trying to make with WinFS is that it is NOW becoming feasible to incorporate such a feature in your regular desktop PC and make it user-friendly, etc.

    Bill Gates has been dreaming about implementing something like WinFS into Windows for years. Of course, you would argue that considering the amount of support you have given your arguments and the number of times you have posted in these forums.
  • Robert Hess - What is a technology evangelist?

    Robert Hess is awesome.  I've seen my share of .NET Show episodes and it sometimes seems like he knows MS' techs better than the guys who are actually coding them.

    Though at times, it must be a bit frustrating doing what he does.  I've seen episodes in which he rephrases the questions to his guests ten times over and he gets answers that are completely off the mark.  The worst part is that these guys should have no difficulty answering them as the questions revolve around the projects they are working on.

    Anywho, aside from the occasional hiccup in his speech, I'd say Robert expresses himself really well and generally does a very good job of being concise.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Eric Gunnerson - Why are there so many programming languages?

    Finally, someone who gets it.  If people realized this, we wouldn't have the Java/C# Sux0rz threads that plague most .net programming forums.