Ayman Saleh

Ayman Saleh Ayman Ayman

Niner since 2008

Presently a senior developer in the communications architecture team of Dealogic (Holdings) plc working on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and the implementation of the long-term SOA vision.


  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    I am interested in Anders' use of the word service, when he talks about using "the compiler as a service".  This brings up a number of queries, here they are:

    1. Does this mean that Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) ideas and principles are moving from the business level down to the compiler and, possibly even, operating system level?
    2. Are we slowly moving towards a future where all system components will be redesigned from the ground up as services to be accessible on demand from anywhere?
    3. Could this team, and may be also the Windows and other teams at Microsoft, benefit from having world renowned SOA experts and Service Design Architects, for example the Microsoft Legend Juval Lowy?

    Finally, congratulations to Microsoft and the C# Team past and present on a world-beating product and apologies in advance and please excuse me if I have been presumptuous in any of my questions.