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  • Identity features in ASP.NET

    You guys could implement SCIM in asp.net identity and people could still integrate with Azure AD from a provisioning standpoint. (In the cases where people don't want to use Azure AD as a directory.)

  • Live Q&A: Windows Application Development with Kevin Gallo

    Project centennial or whatever the bridge was called to bring over win32 applications to the store is what the store really lacks. Why can't users buy real (existing) windows programs from the store? When is that coming?

  • Project Centennial": Converting your Classic Windows App (Win32, .Net, COM) to a Universal Windows App for Distribution in the Windows Store


    Wow, you are still answering questions all these months later? That's really cool. Is there any news on this "bridge"? I think its really the key to seeing the store pick up.

  • Docker Overview for .NET Developers

    Again...I haven't heard a good description of containers from anyone at MS.


    For anyone that's interested... containers are namespaces for files and processes. Docker provides the ability to specify the difference between the "base" os and what you've changed to get your app running. That's why getting a docker image from the hub up and running is so quick. It only fetches the difference from the base... then when it starts the container it creates a private view of all the system processes and files that are in the base plus the differences. Check out cgroups on Linux, jails in BSD, or zones in Solaris... very similar.

  • Automation Overview and Roadmap for Windows Server and System Center

    You guys should open source orchestrator.

  • Secure Access to Enterprise Networks and VPN Platform Enhancements

    Thanks for the response. I know you guys are busy, and I really appreciate you taking time to reach out.

    Is there any discussion about supporting DA in Azure IaaS going on internally?

    What is being discussed around adding DA features to VPN? Will the machine still be able to authenticate "transparently"...that is, without user intervention?

  • Secure Access to Enterprise Networks and VPN Platform Enhancements

    Please add support for hosting DirectAccess servers in Azure VM's. 



    I hope that you guys actually read this. Administrators like DirectAccess because they want the machine to authenticate back to the corporate environment. Having that work over multiple protocols and being able to manage out to the clients is awesome. It's REALLY disturbing to hear that you guys aren't investing development in this feature anymore. If you are planning to move features to the VPN subsystem it needs to do EVERYTHING that DirectAccess currently does.

    The guy that asked a question about DirectAccess in Azure...this would be such a great feature for companies that are connected to Azure via S2S VPN tunnels or ExpressRoute. Being able to stand-up those DirectAccess servers in Azure VM's is a great idea for all the same reasons that standing any internet facing app in Azure VM's is...

    You're not listening...did you notice all the questions about DA from the audience? 

  • Chatting with Snover

    Did this guy actually not know who Snover was? He actually doesn't seem to have a clue. Wow.

  • PowerShell basics for managing Office 365 and the space race


    Whoa. It's not everyday that I read something that far off. Look man, no one is saying that PowerShell should be the only interface in Windows. Channel 9 has videos of Jeff Snover and Don Jones showing how to get started. The thing that is great about PS is that the things you learn in those videos are applicable to anything else in PS. It's so incredibly consistent. If you don't or haven't used other command line systems its hard to get across to you how innovative PS actually is. 

    Trying to manage a large number of systems is just not doable with out some way to interact with them programmatically. PowerShell provides an environment that makes it really easy to do that by abstracting away the parts that are labor intensive. I'm not doing it justice here.

    I've been a UNIX and VMS administrator in the past for what, at the time, where a lot of servers. I promise there is nothing else like PowerShell out there. (Maybe Python...maybe. But its hard to use Python as a work-a-day shell.) 

    If you don't have a need for lots of automation then bully for you! Some of us do and need tools like PowerShell very much.

  • Microsoft Identity Manager vNext Overview

    The current FIM Web Service API is an abomination. To do anything useful with it you have to use an unsupported client library that doesn't expose all of its functionality.


    Only supporting cert management and priv escalation is too painful for words. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do a basic CRUD interface for users, groups, and sets.


    Better yet Open Source the entire suite. 

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