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  • PowerShell basics for managing Office 365 and the space race


    Whoa. It's not everyday that I read something that far off. Look man, no one is saying that PowerShell should be the only interface in Windows. Channel 9 has videos of Jeff Snover and Don Jones showing how to get started. The thing that is great about PS is that the things you learn in those videos are applicable to anything else in PS. It's so incredibly consistent. If you don't or haven't used other command line systems its hard to get across to you how innovative PS actually is. 

    Trying to manage a large number of systems is just not doable with out some way to interact with them programmatically. PowerShell provides an environment that makes it really easy to do that by abstracting away the parts that are labor intensive. I'm not doing it justice here.

    I've been a UNIX and VMS administrator in the past for what, at the time, where a lot of servers. I promise there is nothing else like PowerShell out there. (Maybe Python...maybe. But its hard to use Python as a work-a-day shell.) 

    If you don't have a need for lots of automation then bully for you! Some of us do and need tools like PowerShell very much.

  • Microsoft Identity Manager vNext Overview

    The current FIM Web Service API is an abomination. To do anything useful with it you have to use an unsupported client library that doesn't expose all of its functionality.


    Only supporting cert management and priv escalation is too painful for words. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do a basic CRUD interface for users, groups, and sets.


    Better yet Open Source the entire suite. 

  • More Modern UI for WPF examples and samples

    This is great stuff. Thanks @saramgsilva.

  • Microsoft Identity Manager vNext Overview

    Looking forward to this one...hint hint...

  • Checking In with Erik Meijer: Erik Meijer

    The thing that occurred to me when you guys were talking about API design was when Erik said that "its a discipline and it takes talent"...It seems that lots of large organizations are actually trying to find management practices that are trying to squeeze creativity out of development or other IT areas because they don't want to need people that are talented. It's seen as a liability. They want replaceable cogs. (Pardon the hyperbole.) They don't want to pay talented people, for one thing, and they don't want to be "held hostage" by talented people that are hard to replace.


    I don't know. It's just a thought.

  • Day 1 Keynote

    Seriously? What's with the woman talking in the background? PLEASE STOP IT.

  • Find-Build-Share-Use: Using NuGet for C and C++ Libraries

    This is going to be really useful. I'm really looking forward to it...


    The really interesting stuff started at 20:00 minutes in...


  • From the Archives: Erik Meijer and Mark Shields - Compiling MSIL to JS

    I didn't realize that Erik was gone...wow. First the fat boys break up and now this!




  • Pass the Hash and Other Credential Theft and Reuse: Preventing Lateral Movement and Privilege Escalation

    One of the questions from the audience was about smart cards with "dynamic groups"...does anyone know what he is talking about?

  • Microsoft DevRadio: Using Xamarin to Create the Draw a Stickman app for Windows 8

    If MS bought Xamarin and brought this in house...it would kill almost all of the other tools that people are using to build IOS and Android apps. Just destroy them. VS is the best dev tool hands down...being able to do cross platform would just be epic. It might also improve the quality of apps in the Windows Store since writing for windows or windows phone wouldn't seem like you were shooting yourself in the foot. (That's not my opinion, its what I'm hearing from people who are selling software in the Apple and Android stores.)