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Brandon Paddock BHpaddock
  • Jeff Henshaw and David Alles - Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future

    I wish they'd stop pushing 802.11a.  It's ancient technology.


    I recommend users to buy "Pre-N" devices.  Way faster than g/a, way better range, and less interference.

    Oh and Scoble, don't take HDTV advice from those guys.  A 720p native set like my Samsung DLP is the lowest you'd want to get.

    But nowadays there are 1080p DLPs shipping with much better black levels and of course a much higher resolution (with continued support for 720p and 1080i, etc).

    If I were looking today, I'd be looking at an HL-R5078w like this one:


    They can be had for $2500ish if you look around.

  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    Kieran wrote:
    With Vista also maintaining index data of all (well, most) the data on the search scope, Isn't the replication of data (google's desktop search and others) a cause for concern? Any means being worked out for a standard index file format that can be used by other applications?

    Any developer can interact with the Windows Desktop Search indexer in three ways:

    1) You can add support for your file formats using an IFilter
    2) You can add support for non-file based data stores using Protocol Handlers


    3) You can access the data in the WDS indexer by sending a query and consuming the results.  Right now this is done via OleDb.  At the PDC, we showed some of the changes and enhancements that are being made to the WDS APIs for Vista and our future down-level releases.

    Having multiple indexers is a possibility today and will continue to be a possibility in the future.  However, there will obviously be a performance concern if you run more than one simultaneously.
  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    I also felt that Catherine's questions seemed to disrupt the flow of the interview/demo.  Everytime she asked a question I was thinking, "Yeah, we get it... let him keep going."  I'm just not sure she understood what kind of audience this was for... it seemed like her questions were meant to
    A) Get explanations for things that she thought might be too technical.
    B) Sort of marketing-esqe as another poster said above - like in a bad TV advert.  "So you mean I can add my own thumbnail provider?  Wowzers!!!"

    Nothing at all against Catherine, I just like Scoble's interview technique a bit better Smiley
  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    DownUnderGeek wrote:
    I always thought WinFS was pretty much a file search function.  This already seems to be part of Vista.

    So "what else" is WinFS all about ?

    WinFS is not a search technology.  WinFS is a new kind of relation data store, kind of a hybrid between a database and a filesystem.

    Instead of putting a Word document into a Folder, you'd just submit it to the database.  Then instead of browsing through a specific folder path, you would run a query to retrieve the document.

    Of course, you can still represent the data as a hierachical set of folders, but the same file can be reached through many paths.

    To the user, the basic functionality is a lot like what Desktop Search and the Vista shell will provide.  In my blog, I've posted about why I think WinFS may ultimately be unnecessary - or at least not as revolutionary as it once might have been.

    However, there are major differences between WinFS and Desktop Search - and WinFS is not directly comparable to anything currently available... except perhaps SQL Server, which is basically what WinFS is.
  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    mycroft wrote:
    Also, anyone know if there will be a text box on the taskbar for search like in Windows Desktop Search? It's nice to be able to search without opening a new window up.

    The Deskbar is not part of Windows Vista.

    The current plan as I'm aware of it, is that we'll probably still have a Deskbar for you to install onto Vista.

    Of course that's a ways out and subject to change.
  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    Manip wrote:
    Search -- Does it support a wider range of queries, such as Google's  minus (-) or quotations (" ") or some other Microsoft home-grown format for getting exactly what you want? 

    I think they're supporting the same or similar syntax to what the current version of Windows Desktop Search uses for Advanced Query Syntax.  Vista uses our indexer but the Shell team is kind of doing their own thing... So I can't say for sure.

    But I believe you should be able to say "kind:email" or "To:John Smith"

    And stuff like that.

  • Office Communicator

    scobleizer wrote:

    Manip: synchronize Outlook? Or synchronize your PC in general?

    Exchange keeps my Outlook synchronized automatically among multiple machines.

    I have an Exchange server.  And you can pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    But before a few months ago, I didn't have an Exchange server.  Those were the dark times.

    Seriously though... One thing I want more than anything from Microsoft is very simple:

    Exchange Personal Edition.

    I would actually name it something cooler, but I'm being realistic in my request Tongue Out

    MSN has worked toward this with Hotmail (which, as I understand, is now Exchange 2003 powered) - offering very good Outlook integration (for e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc).

    But there are still a lot of features it lacks.  If they added full mobile support (ie. Server Activesync) and OWA... it would be close.  They also need to fix the way Outlook rules apply to secondary accounts.
  • Pablo Fernicola (and others) - An hour with the Avalon Team

    nukeation wrote:

    Bottom line is, just wait till this goes BETA. Then see what people will do with Avalon - anyone who is not convinced then will surely be.

    Thanks for the response, although I still have questions.

    My biggest concern remains Avalon integration with VS 2005.  Is Avalon going to ship with VS 2005, or be an add-on?  Right now it looks like the latter.

    That's what I meant by "second-class citizen."  I'd rather have Avalon in VS 2005 from the get-go.  Unfortunately, my understanding is that it won't be ready in time.  Will we see a VS 2006 update?  Or will Avalon remain an add-on like it is in the current CTPs?
  • Pablo Fernicola (and others) - An hour with the Avalon Team

    What I want to know is:

    How does Avalon relate to Windows Forms 2.0?  Does it?

    From what I understand, when I fire up Visual Studio 2005 (after beta 2 or RTM), the visual Designer mode will feature Windows Forms 2.0 controls.  But those aren't Avalon controls.

    So, will VS 2005 support Avalon controls in the designer?  Is Avalon and the rest of WinFX planned to be released along with .NET 2.0 and VS 2005, or after?

    Will Avalon apps require users to install a redistributable package in addition to the .NET Framework 2.0?  Or will .NET 2.0 support Avalon out of the box (so to speak)?

    Avalon (especially paired with tools like ZAM 3D) has me very excited.  But I'm a little concerned about:

    1) When does Microsoft expect developers to start writing Avalon applications instead of Windows Forms apps.  When VS 2005 comes out?  When Longhorn comes out?  When Orcas comes out?

    2) Will Avalon be a second-class citizen in Visual Studio 2005?

    3) How many prerequisites are Avalon apps going to have for the end-user on XP/2003 (I'm making the assumption that none will be needed on Longhorn).

  • Ben Armstrong - Running Virtual PC and Virtual Machines

    Haha, I caught that Longhorn screen as soon as the video started.  I wonder if he's running the build we'll get in two weeks at WinHEC Wink