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  • Linux Command Line on Windows

    Questions for WSL FAQ

    1. Are file locks compatible between L and W? Max size of 32 or 64?

    2. Possible to create multiple SSH/telnet sessions?

    3. Regarding process creation, is it as simple as Windows executable (PE) launches a Win32 process, an ELF binary launches syscall emulator? No exceptions?

    4. Is there a win32 emulator for ELF binaries so I can call Win32 from ELF?

    5. Does .Net Core work?

    6. Is serial I/O working?

    7. A worst case performance scenario for Linux syscalls is byte-by-byte I/O?

    8. Is an ELF binary's return code available to Windows ERRORLEVEL?

    9. Have a changes to PE executable format been forced? I'm sure this is on the roadmap.

    10. Is there a syscall compatibility list (in release notes)?

    11. How can I use Visual Studio to compile to ELF binary?

    12. How can I use Visual Studio to debug ELF process?

    13. Any changes to C++ or .Net  to support Linux (e.g. compiler constants)?

    14. Is there a WSL forum on MSDN?

    15. Will WSL be opened sourced?

    16. Are select(), poll() supported?

    17. Can I do COM calls between L and W?

  • Stand out with styling and animation in your XAML app

    Which parts of styling are new to Windows 8 or VS 2011? I've heard of many of the concepts presented previously but are any new?

  • Reach all your customer's devices with one beautiful XAML user interface

    Presentation needs less powerpoint text and more images. The same content could be conveyed in half the time.

  • Metro style apps using XAML: what you need to know

    Held my attention all the way through.

  • .NET 4.5: Oleg Lvovitch and Kevin Ransom - Managed ​Extensibili​ty Framework (MEF) 2.0

    Oleg and Kevin are two expressive guys that are fun to watch.

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    Can anyone recommend similar threads in other forums?

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    It's decided. We should all use the next three months, the time until PDC, to study Android and iOS. Thanks Microsoft!

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    I can only see that Microsoft must create Silverlight to HTML5 tools. Otherwise they will lack the leverage which would risk a mass Dev Exodus. Furthermore, it behooves them to position themselves as the premier platform for HTML5 development (Visual Studio 2012) for *all* HTML5 devices. Their greatest asset is .Net APIs. They have to fully leverage it into their new offerings.

    Ultimately, what I predict, is that Google will find great success with Native Client. First with Chrome browser and later with 3rd party apps. They have quite a bit of work to do before they get there. They have to prove that NC is secure and significantly outperforms javascript. Likely they'll get there and it will force all the other browsers to go NC or to come up with some other answer.

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Spolsky, Atwood, Blyth, Hanselman = ​Crazy-​Delicious || ​Content-​Free?

    My Peace Corps host father, Mauritania 2003, asked to see my cellphone. You know, Americans have all the latest tech. I had recently bought the latest Ericsson in America. When he saw it, he looked disappointed and pulled out ... the same model. They were relatively prosperous. He had 12 goats and a delapidated delivery van. When the van hit a camel, he became destitute.

  • Quick UI with WPK in Windows PowerShell

    1. Is there a converter between WPK and Xaml/C#/VB.Net?

    2. Is there a converter between Xaml and C#/VB.Net?

    3. Hmmm, is there a WPK API similiar to Markup.XamlReader/XamlWriter?

  • HP TouchSmart TX2 Multitouch Laptop

    Faster. better, cheaper multitouch notebooks are already announced. They are to drop next week with W7's release. I expect even more interesting models when Intel's *dales are released in January.

  • HP TouchSmart TX2 Multitouch Laptop

    I agree with Amazon and other review sites, both user and pro reviewers. TX2 is not a slick product. I defintely don't recommend buying one especially at this time. It is way compromised and there's better options announced. Read the reviews.


    I've used a TX2-1020US for about a year. I bought thinking I would develop touch apps. Instead, I'm really turned off due to TX2 design choices and impracticality of convertibles. Convertibles can be ok for OEM applications or development. I just can't see much uptake in today's designs.


    I do like multi-touch tablets and multi-touch touchpads. They definitely have good usability.


    The video presentation is too marketing oriented. I don't think Channel9 should be presenting 3rd party product pitches on mediocre products.

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