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  • Ric Merrifield - Microsoft gets down to business with Motion initiative

    Very interesting. Microsoft is evolving.

    Technology in itself is cool, but as geeks we must always remember its an enabler to help the organisation perform its business.

    More of this type of business meets technology videos please.

    Will Ric be speaking at TechEd boston ? I would be very inerested to hear more from Ric .


  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    You would not think an hour of talk on fonts could be made so interesting, but yes it is.

    Some beautiful font designs, especially the Japanese characters. Computer font design was not something I had really considered, but it plays a crucial and unsung part in your whole Human to computer interface experience and so on your productivity and enjoyment.

    Bill said something like current monitors do not yet have a high enough resolution for great font rendering. Current monitors (e.g. my laptop 1280*768) are a roughly similar resolution to the new High definition (HD) TV resolutions, so are we eventually going to see mega high resolution TV/monitors s one day ?  6000 pixels width and above ?  How high a resolution do you need to go to before an extra DPI becomes redundant for the human eye?

    I once saw a green CRT display with terrible fonts, how things change.

    Bill Hill should have his own documentary series. More Bill Hill please.




  • How I Got SQL Intellisense Working in Microsoft Query Analyzer

    Wow! This is a really useful tool. Thanks.

    PS the sound quality was poor in places on the otherwise excellent demo.