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  • TechNet Radio - An Interview with the Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak

    This is one awesome interview, possibly one of the best episodes of TNR.
  • Rory Blyth: The Exit Interview

    Millah wrote:
    the kind of guy who'll go straight for your nuts

    I go straight for the nuts but only when I play poker. I love taking pots with a queen high straight - that's completely normal poker talk, don't get any ideas, Mark "Misguided Missle" Miller.

    And a small edit: Rory is a dandy, Millah, and you want to be one to but you're too lazy to put the required hours into it. Man, you're so lazy you created CodeRush to code with less effort, how lazy can you get?
  • Rory Blyth: The Exit Interview

    Rory wrote:
    Hey - maybe you and me can start an "I Hate Rory" club.

    I'd be a member of the "I hate Rory"-club and the "I love Rory"-club, not to mention the "I'm not too sure about this Rory guy, is he a cool froodle laced with hoopiness or just an annoying poser and would it really matter which way he went, hoopy or annoying, and you know what, I'll join the Millinator love/hate club as well"-club

    Ah, decisions, decisions.... just too much for my pretty mind, it's hard enough to choose between DKNY and L'eau de Cartier 6am in the morning.
  • Ken Levy - In the field in Switzerland

    ZippyV wrote:
    Maybe Simone or Corina can tell us why there is such a big difference in Microsoft's software prices between the US and Europe.

    It's the same with Novell who you'd think might want to compete on that in Europe. You pay more euros than dollars, even when the dollar is worth a rupia against the euro Wink
    When you convert the price tag in euros to dollars and compare it to the US price, the difference is hard to explain.

    ZENworks 7 Suite 1-Device/User e-License
    US: $130
    Europe: €146 = $177
    Difference 36%
    That's quite a bit of p&p, thank you very much.
  • Ken Levy - In the field in Switzerland

    agarvan wrote:
    These girls are real sweathearts. They should be send to Redmond and matched up with an eligible bachelor.

    No can do, we keep 'em here Big Smile
    However, we have a lady by the name of Helga Kikurnutz who would like to come over Tongue Out
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    oskiano wrote:
    For those who don't know him, but may be interested in looking for samples of Robert's work, here is a small iceberg tip with a varied landscape.  Just one subjective opinion of course, but this covers a lot of ground.

    King Crimson: Discipline, Red, Power to Believe (or the box sets)
    League of Crafty Guitarists: Live in Europe
    David Bowie:  Scary Monsters
    Soundscapes series
    Fripp and Eno:  Essential
    Peter Gabriel 2
    League of Gentlemen: God Save the King

    and on Van Der Graaf Generators 'Pawn Hearts', for crying out loud[/plug]

    Tongue Out

    And if you listen to Pawn Hearts, you know why they didn't ask Peter Hammill for Vista. You'd be either a bit depressed or immersed in philosophical thoughts about life's futility and one's inability to control any part of it Smiley
  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    PaintedBlue wrote:
    King Crimson's "In The Court of the Crimson King" is one of my favorite albums.

    RF/KC is good stuff, although I'm more into Peter Hammill and Van Der Graaf Generator. 'Pawn Hearts' and 'Godbluff' are amazing, if you're into that stuff. Robert Fripp played on ' Pawn Hearts' and probably some other PH/VDGG stuff. They were musical friends of sorts.
  • Steve Ballmer’s Speechwriter Speaks Steve-O

    DevilsRejection wrote:
    I guess to be fair the PR people are probably just as important as the product developers, that's the sad part of the world today.

    Not necessarily sad. In essence, marketing people spread the word in an understandable way (if they do it right) and yes, make it look pretty, sexy whatever. Now I know there's a lot of annoying marketing going around but that's what you get in any situation where money is involved.

    Now imagine the opposite: no marketing at all, no structured product introduction, just word-of-mouth/internet. Appealing as that may seem, it is also inefficient by itself (as an add-on it's invaluable).

    It's a bit like with lawyers. Somehow we love to hate them but let's imagine a world without lawyers. There are countries without them (or with them but they can do next to nothing).
  • Exploring .NET

    Cool stuff this and funny in a way.
  • On Site at PDC...With Dan Fernandez

    Anyone any idea why this podcast has been unavailable for some time now?
  • Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

    ask wrote:
    And how about .pdf-support? does anyone know if one still have to use Adobes products to make/read pdf's? I really miss that OpenOffice feature where you can "save as .pdf"... 

    That's a defining feature to me. An Office suite that has it scores with me big time. While I have MS Office, openoffice and easyoffice because I like to play with just about everything I can get my hands on, for practical reasons I use openoffice most of the time because of the 'save as pdf' feature.

    btw at the job its MS from beginning to end, so at home I prefer other and preferrably free stuff, just to see how far you can go with it. And as I left the employer from who I had a home user license I'll have to uninstall it anyway and I can't afford €529 ($630) and I refuse to use software illegally. If a vendor wants me to use its product, it must be affordable for me and otherwise he'll have to find another customer Smiley Same with XP. I got it with my PC and chipped in a bit extra because I wanted the pro version. Would I have to buy it for the full price, then it be some free OS (most likely openSuse) on my machine.
    That also means it's very likely Office 12 and Vista will be on my PC as beta or trial versions only (like with Visual Studio 2005 and all the Windows Server System stuff).
  • Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

    dotnetjunkie wrote:
    Openoffice (or any other competitor) is dead and burried now!

    Not so fast my friend. Things don't tend to work like that. And read "Hardball" by Georg Stalk. I agree with him when he says that if you really want to be competitive, you don't kill the competition, you keep them in a corner and (although it seems contrary to common sense) make sure they have the possibility to get out of there (on, and there is the catch, their own power, not on yours - let them put up a fight). It is vital for a healthy industry. Toyota did it, GM did it, IT should once again become a field of competitors, that's what will get us fast forward.

    Having said that, and having seen only bits and pieces of the video so far, I can't wait to get my hands on it. But then again, I love IT, so Openoffice 2.0 beta (1.9 if you will) is running on my machine, and I've Novell SBS 4.5, Suse Linux 9.3, Windows XP, 2003, Easyoffice, Office 2003, Outlook 2003, Thunderbird, Firefox, Visual Studio Express, Perl, MySQL and other beta, trial and stable stuff I can get my hands on that will run on my hardware (it's a cross between a christmas tree and a junkyard, software-wise).

    Soooo, when can we muck with it? Big Smile