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  • Episode 175: Cloud Services in the Azure preview portal

    @Dennise Navarro:Thank you for explanation.
    So if I understand correctly, resource group is kind of abstraction layer in Azure,to easily maintain complex applications, for example couple of sites, one database, mobile service and maybe some service bus.
    On the other hand, the service plan is actually Azure setting or container, that really has physical impact on our azure objects (sites, databases, etc).
    One resource group can have only one service plan?

  • Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

    @SleepyDaddySoftware:I think Visual Studio should be the OS, the productivity suite (Office), the IDE and all the rest... feeling like writing an iTunes add on for VS so you can manage your music from the it while coding...

  • Defrag: Headphones, Bikes, Excel'ing, ​GetProduct​Info and more

    @LarryLarsen: So what does this mean for you and me? It means that more likely than not, we can expect to see increasingly interconnecting advertising strategies, including more and more location-based and search-centric advertising. 

  • Announcing: Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

    @DavidCarr:That's good to hear. Hopefully the sessions and overall "Feel" will be similar to MEC. I've been to many break-out session conferences before, but MEC was the only one dedicated to us as Exchange professionals and SMEs. Just knowing that we were all together for Exchange alone brought a certain level of camaraderie that I don't see happening at a multi-discipline conference, though I understand the challenges that Microsoft is trying to overcome with this conference (resources, cost, repeat presentations, etc).

  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4

    @rogreen:Your information about  Office Developer Tools for VS 2013 - November Update very cool. Good tools.

    Thanks for useful link for me.

  • Inside .NET Native

    @Alexander77: As I know when any app starts up for the first time, the IL code gets converted to native code, and then the app runs as good as native apps. The start-up time is faster for native apps. Libraries can benefit by going native. Native libraries run in the shared process space and can be shared by multiple apps (unlike managed libraries which run in the private process space of the app).

  • A Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup, Carl Hewitt, and Dave Ungar

    @Fabio Galuppo:To my mind one of the larger problems is figuring out which exposed functions are supposed to be part of the interface and which were simply pulled in because the header file happened to #include a file to get access to a struct or something. In C++ this is especially bad, because a class's definition may have been inlined, so it would need access to things that otherwise would never go in the header. Of course, #include is transitive, because you have to preprocess everything in each included header. Sometimes the API is supposed to expose functions pulled in from other headers, and sometimes it isn't.

  • Azure SQL Database Elastic Scale

    @Burak:As I know after completing a migration from Azure Managed cache to Azure Redis cache people should be aware that out of the box Redis is far less functional than the Azure Cache server and client.
    A lot of functionality we rely on and comes out of the box with Azure Managed Cache doesn't exist in Redis server or client so you need to roll your own. 

  • AngularJS Module for Microsoft Azure Active Directory ​Authenticat​ion

    @Dickson:Agree with you. To my mind very good to see support for this given the SharePoint Hosted App based Single Page Apps model being developed.

  • Microsoft DevRadio: Microsoft OCR Library - Enabling Windows apps to Recognize Text in Images

    @Gratitudepod: As for me I worked on OCR library 2 months back. I was amazed with its performance, and made two apps based on this which are on windows store. But now it seems not working anymore.Then I tried to run the Microsoft OCR Library Sample app, it is also not working now.It works in debug mode only.I ran Windows certifications test and it showed the error that It is using API which is not part of windows SDK for windows apps. Please do something regarding this as soon as possible.

  • Episode 159: StorSimple with Ahmed El-Shimi

    @PerfectPhase:Interesting qiestion.

    As I know some Microsoft partners also leverage Windows Azure Storage for long term retention and tiering that might be better suited as backup targets.

  • Defrag Tools #113 - PerfView Part 1

    @MagicAndre1981: I just came to the situation that I am seeing some warnings in SCCM related to the fragmentation of my W2K12 Domain Controllers disks. They all need a file defragmentation (-d) since they have file level fragmentation around 37% and 40% in their logical disks.

    I understand the cost of doing this in DCs, specifically in normal work hours. We will need to schedule this during off hours.

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