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I'm the dev/architect for the Device Emulator, working inside the Visual Studio for Devices team.

Before that, I have worked in Windows Server on a research project, was lead developer on the Shared Source CLI (aka Rotor), lead the WOW64 and Wx86 emulation subsystems in Windows, and fixed tough compatibility bugs in the WOW subsystem. I also worked as a developer on Visual Basic for Applications, and interned in Visual Basic for DOS - the last of the textmode products in the QuickBasic line....


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    >> Do you emulate phone features? What do you do about SMS, MMS, Camera, Video Camera and Media Playing?

    The DeviceEmulator emulates at a lower-level, at the "chips and registers" level.   We have limited support for SMS and MMS using the Fake Radio Interface Layer (FakeRIL) code supplied by the Windows Mobile team, which is included in the phone-enabled ROMs.

    Media playback works great inside the DeviceEmulator - audio and video both play.

    The DeviceEmulator doesn't currently emulate still or video cameras.  However, ROM images based on Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2 and newer should include a NULL camera driver that always reports whiteness.  In the future, I'd love to be able to bind a virtual camera to the desktop media stack, taking input from canned video on disk or from a live webcam.


  • Barry Bond: Emulation, Emulation, Emulation

    Thanks for watching!

    The Device Emulator General forum at is the place to go for discussion about the Shared Source DeviceEmulator, as well as for the binary releases.