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  • Windows for Makers: Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and More

    Great session, but kind of annoying to hear people applaud the LED strip screen and the fact that the picture was apparently shown on it, but not being able to see any of it here in the video. Did somebody take a picture of the setup?

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    I'll be patient then. Wink

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    It's not in the store for me. (Netherlands).
  • Channel 9 turns 9!

    Happy birthday!

  • TWC9: GenerationApp, Windows 8 UX, New in ASP.NET Testing WinJS and Pixies

    That was a classic blank stare. Awesome. Smiley And congrats!

  • Announcing BUILD 2012

    @Jules: If you're just in it for the tablet, I don't know why you just buy one. Much cheaper than a BUILD ticket, even excluding flights.

    Seems rather late to get Developers engaged for Windows 9 and Windows Phone 8 launch.  Surely we needed the Build for these platforms in early Sept, to get Apps in development for the Marketplace by Thanksgiving and xmas.  

    This makes no sense. All the W8 stuff was covered in BUILD 2011. The sessions are all available online. You've had the last nine months to start developing apps. If you think you're constrained to the basic styles and templates that ship with the VS RC then you really haven't been looking into them.

  • Announcing BUILD 2012

    Wow, lots of entitlement going on in this thread.

  • Inside MSR's Chronozoom with Rane Johnson.

    Awesome stuff. I've been meaning to check this out for a while but didn't get around to it until now.

    I do wonder why HTML/JS was chosen as a platform, especially since it apparently poses the performance problems Rane mentions. Why not a native/managed app that you install locally? Wouldn't that have eased development a great deal?

  • FxCop For VS Achievements

    Really guys? The FxCop "download" still points to a readme that tells you to install the Windows SDK and find the FxCop installer in the program files folder? Sigh...

  • Rob Relyea: Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2 Released!

    Excellent stuff, can't wait to try it. The allocation and performance stuff is much appreciated.

    One thing I would've liked to see here is clearer naming conventions for the coordinate space conversion methods. DepthImageToSkeleton, SkeletonToDepthImage, and GetColorPixelCoordinatesFromDepthPixel are all methods that deal with the conversion from one coordinate space to another but they all have a different naming style. I have to stop and think or look them up every time I use them simply because the naming is so confusing. I'd much prefer it if they were called GetDepthCoordinatesFromSkeletonSpace, GetSkeletonCoordinatesFromDepthSpace and GetColorCoordinatesFromDepthSpace, for instance. Not only are the method names then following the same naming scheme, it's also a lot clearer what they actually do as opposed to "DepthImageToSkeleton", which doesn't even have a verb. Something to consider, hopefully.

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