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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
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    265 pages and counting...

  • Intel Atom no more?

    , Ian2 wrote

    Looks like the current dev version of the Hololens would be a casualty:


    Does Hololens even use an Atom SoC? I figured it'd be regular Atom as opposed to SoC, and since Intel isn't cancelling the former...



  • Rift vs Hololens vs ps4 VR is MS going to lose out.

    Both Vive and Oculus run on Windows. PC beats PS4 and XBO in terms of performance. VR requires performance. VR on PC wins. Microsoft wins.

    Therse are, obviously, irrefutable facts I have laid out for you all.

  • Magic Leap - Hololens Competitor?

    Man, that article. "Your brain is like a graphics processor. We basically tried to clone what that signal is, we made a digital version of that, and we talk to the GPU of the brain."



    I'm getting a terrible Theranos vibe from all of this. I'm ready (and hoping) to be proven horribly wrong, though.

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    , figuerres wrote



    dave what about time conversion from one time zone to another one ??

    while in the US we mostly add or subtract a few hours you can't always do that when an international time zone is involved.   the rules are to convert local to universal / TZ 0 and then from that to local.  and then there are different counties that do not follow the same rules, where they can roll forward or back on different dates ,  that stuff can get hairy to work out right! 

    That's why you don't. You let someone else work it out. Plenty of libraries written by companies that have spent many, many development hours getting time conversions right. Use them! It's quicker, cheaper, and the results are better.

  • Scoop

    , vesuvius wrote

    what are you doing to eliminate t he possibility of you being in the headlines next?

    Not being a terrible person.

  • Magic Leap - Hololens Competitor?

    First time I've seen anything other than concept art from Magic Leap. As expected, it's not quite the overblown concept art they've been teasing for years now. I mean, the video looks awesome, but it's not exactly a photorealistic whale splashing into your basketball court. I've also still not heard anything about hardware (standalone? tethered?) or even seen a prototype device. Usually, not a great sign, so I guess I'll remain sceptical.

    If they can manage a wide field of view on a standalone device, they've got something on hololens, but until then it looks like it's about on par. I'm wondering how annoyed the various investors were when Hololens was revealed.

    One thing that stood out to me: that office is super-dimly lit and everything in it is dark grey, and there are virtually no dark colors in the UI elements. Looks like unlike earlier rumors they haven't been able to create some sort of light blocking mechanism either.

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    I've written a tool that pulls my completed tasks from our work tracking tool (Asana) and posts them to our time tracking tool (toggl) because it was super annoying to do that manually.

    I have a keyboard that has one of those separate numeric pads, but I never use the numpad. so it was kind of useless. I put it to the left of the keyboard and wrote an autohotkey script that binds various key combos to the keys on the numpad. Now I have a Visual Studio control pad that has keys for start/stop debugging, set breakpoint, step over, step into, step out, go to Pending Changes, and set focus to the Solution Explorer search box. Now I can start debugging, mess around in our applications with the mouse on my right hand and the fingers of my left hand on the debug keys. It works really well, I'm thinking of adding buttons to toggle Visual Studio window layouts, that sort of stuff.

  • The Bot thread

    I'm not sure about how huge bots are going to be, but I like what they showed so I'm going to give it a shot. I'm thinking of starting out with a simple bot that allows customers to perform some simple tasks in our content management systems without actually having to navigate through a web application. Stuff like "Hey bot, could you turn off slide X for me?" or "Hey bot, could you create a new project for me called XYZ and add these photo's to it?" "Done and done. Here's the link to the project if you want to do some more work on it." Seems like a fun project to work on over the weekend.

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    Keynote is starting now... once again, snarky, jaded press at the front and actual enthousiastic devs at the back of the audience. When will they learn?