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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    , felix9 wrote

    oh come on, Scott Hanselman was simply trying to be funny.

    dont take that "change everything" phrase too serious, he was just mocking apple.

    After which people took it literally and ran with it. Now Microsoft needs to deliver a game-changer tomorrow, or they will have a major dissapointment on their hands.

    Again, they need to control their messaging, and that includes funny employee tweets.

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    The ability to build cross-platform stuff using Xamarin and the UWP UI stack for free would probably be one of the best things they could announce. However, seeing how the acquisition isn't even finalized, I'm not sure how they could possibly have anything to announce yet.

  • Building excitement for Build 2016

    It wouldn't surprise me if they suddenly drop something completely unexpected like Visual Studio going open source, or possibly cross-platform.

  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    If the game-changers are interactive live tiles or Android/iOS apps on Windows, then my suspicions of all this being ridiculous hyperbole are entirely justified.

    I mean, we need interactive live tiles, if only for the fact that when I click the news tile because I see an interesting news item pop up - I then still have to search for that article rather than the app taking me right to it. But game changer? This isn't going to make people love live tiles.

  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    , Ian2 wrote

    @Bas:Not if it's a game changer - but maybe that's a pun and it's the interop between XBOX,PC and PS4 like the Dr refers to? :(

    Yeah, but still. Even if it's something revolutionary, the way they are hyping it sets levels of expectations that are on "cure for cancer" levels, which means it's bound to dissapoint. If they had played it cool and then presented something amazing out of nowhere, the effect would have been way better. Underpromise and overdeliver.

  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    Whatever it is, those tweets are already generating way too much hype that they cannot possibly live up to. They need to control their messaging, badly.

  • Microsoft Impending Game Changers for Windows 10?

    My guess is that these game-changers are all tied to Cortana and thusly unavailable to the vast majority of Windows users.

  • MS buying Xamarin

    Finally! Now we need this stuff available in the community edition. I can't wait.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , Bass wrote


    Don't get me wrong, there is a whole lot  of .NET jobs (although Java jobs outnumbers - everywhere) but .NET mostly seem to focus on web UIs. This XAML/WPF thing isn't a lucrative skill to have on a resume. It's not worth the time commitment. 

    As someone who has it on his resumé and has benefited from it both financially, career-wise and job-satisfaction-wise, I feel qualified to assure you it was both lucrative and worth the time commitment.

    It's weird how people think only mobile and web apps are being built nowadays. Try and get out of the office environment once in a while, it's an eye-opener.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , Ray7 wrote



    XML is fine. It's verbose, yes, but easier to grasp straight away than a page full of JSON. Having a textual tag telling you when a data set finishes is much easier than trying to trace your way back through anonymous end braces. The problem with XML came when folk started thinking it was a programming language (JSPX and JSF Spring to mind)


    I agree. The thing about these data formats is that they're supposed to both be readable by humans. Reading XML is a lot easier than reading JSON. It's not that JSON is impossible, it's just that you instantly get how an XML document is structured when you read it, which is not the case with JSON. Hence, XML is the better format and this discussion is now over.