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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds

    And this is coming at a time when the few prolific developers for the Windows Store are discussing abandoning the store because it's impossible to find an app on the store unless you search for its exact name. On a platform that is in dire need of more app developers.

    They need to do everything they can to keep existing developers happy, let alone attract new ones. Instead they're not giving one iota about whether these people can sell their apps, or whether it's worthwhile for them, preferring to actively make it less worthwhile.

    There's absolutely no reason for even the most die-hard fan of the Microsoft development stack to develop things commercially for the Windows store. Either Microsoft can't see that, which is a big problem, or they don't care, which is just baffling. Either option is something that should set off lots of alarm bells, and I'm quite surprised investors aren't calling for heads to roll over such mismanagement. Why is Nadella not getting criticized for this, for instance?

  • Idea on design of Win10M

    God, what is it with people and wanting to force transparent tiles?

  • Did you order an Oculus Rift?

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    , Ray7 wrote


    So what you have then is an underpowered PC and a phone that only runs very hot and only for a few hours?


    Yes, because obviously I intend for it to be crap. 

  • Windows Phone, may ye rest in peace... the clone wars are over and the droids are winning.

    If they really want to follow Apple's success, they need to do what Apple did and change the game of what a smartphone is. Yet another touchscreen slab with apps from an app store isn't a gamechanger, nor are UWP apps.

    They need to take continuum to the next level and make a smartphone an actual pc in your pocket, not the simple semi-pc that runs timy apps that it is now. That means ditching ARM, going x86/x64 and making sure that I have an actual, full functioning PC running Win32 apps on the desktop as soon as I plug it into the USB-C cable on my desk. That's going to be the next smartphone era, not "the same thing as the iPhone but with a different interface and this universal platform that nobody is seriously interested in using."

  • I can immediately tell that a video is 60Hz

    , spivonious wrote

    I wonder if the "too real" reaction is related to the higher framerate (60i) of camcorders. We see that and instantly think of home videos instead of professionally made films.

    That's definitely it for me.

  • Are you on Windows 10? Are you experiencing slow installs? Here's the deal...

    Well, I'm convinced.

  • I got the Microsoft Phone Display Doc!

    , BitFlipper wrote

    It's a good idea, but in reality would the type of person that wants to use this be traveling without a laptop?

    If I could commute everywhere without my laptop, I would do so in a heartbeat.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , cbae wrote

    The most annoying thing about Windows Store apps is that no text, apart from what is rendered inside an editable control, is selectable (and copiable).

    Right-click on any file in Explorer, and you can still highlight and copy the property values of the given file even though the text is readonly.

    Granted, the use cases for the copiability of the file property values are limited, but consider what you're unable to do when you're, say, looking at the description of an app listed in the Windows Store using the Windows Store app. Go to any title, and then try to select and copy the description of the app. You're unable to.

    Let's say you wanted to report the app to Microsoft or contact the author and needed to reference the description. You'd have to manually type it. This is one the main reasons why I can't stand using any Windows Store apps other than games.

    Ha, this has been my major annoyance as well. I'm glad I'm not alone.

  • Free Developer Offers :-)

    Wait, why does it say the pluralsight offer is a six-month subscription, when further down on the page it says it's only four months? Still four months, but still, where did the six months come from?

    Edit: well, it says it expires on may 19th, so I guess that's six months after all. Also, it doesn't auto-renew, awesome!