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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    It's super awesome how the world works only in absolutes.

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    I bet everyone who is alive right now and everyone who as ever lived has, at some time, thought "Man, why is everyone an idiot except me and the small group who thinks like me?"

    Another explanation might be that that's just standard nerd arrogance.but I suspect the former.

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    Well that was quick and mysterious.

  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly

    , Codergaard wrote

    And while you are at it, as a developer I would like improved desktop APIs, that are close to the metal and core of the OS, and do not force any kind of UI model or style on my applications. Win32 and .NET are showing their age, and WinRT is a different tool, nice, but for a different purpose.

    How are you being forced a style or UI model on your applications currently?

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    So, I messed around with the GPIO pins and an addressable LPD8806 LED strip last night. I've done some things with that LED strip and a Netduino in the past and I'd figure I'd see how the GPIO stack and the SPI API compare.

    The SPI stuff is a bit weird. On Netduino, you'd just go "give me SPI device 0 or 1 with a clock rate of X." Here, you have to get some sort of selector string containing "SPI0" or "SPI1", get a collection of DeviceInfo objects for all devices that have that connector string, then grab the actual SPI device using the Id property of the first element in that collection and a settings structure. It all seems like a great candidate for a built-in helper method to do for you.

    It's all worth it though. On the .NET Micro Framework you had extremely limited means (no generics!) to work around inevitable performance issues. It worked, but every time you did something you had to go "Oh yeah, I can't do that here, how did we do that back in the 90's?" Now I'm using generics, LINQ, async/await etc. to drive hardware, and it's all fast enough to work without a lot of optimization beforehand. It's pretty awesome.

  • Does Windows 10 fix the console and powershell?

    , evildictait​or wrote


    They've actually made quite a few changes to cmd (actually conhost, the graphical window that renders cmd) in Windows 10, like finally fixing the retarded way you copy-and-paste in the command window (which traditionally avoided CTRL+C because CTRL+C is "break" in console apps).


    If only we were all still using Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert like in the good old days...

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    Look, I guess that you feel super threatened by some form of Windows on the Pi for some reason and desperately feel a need to downplay it, but how about creating a separate thread to discuss how much it sucks so we can keep discussing our hands on experiences with it in this one?

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    , Bass wrote


    I don't understand what you mean by universal app format. Is that what Windows programs are called now? I mainly want to know if I can run a program written in Python on this Windows.

    Time to start watching some BUILD videos like the rest of us, then.


    , Bass wrote

    It seems like this version of Windows may not actually support execution of software written for Windows, even when compiled from source code. Personally, I think that's a pretty severe feature omission. I hope that's only a temporary thing and Microsoft adds support for running Windows applications in a future update.

    Executing software written for Windows on it as we speak. You're talking nonsense.  Then again, I guess you were never really interested in this and were just looking for something to bash.

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    , figuerres wrote


    I think we can run more than one at a time, just that this is kind of day one right now. No reason it can't multitask.

    Yeah, I know, it's mainly that one app with UI can be visible at a time because they're all fullscreen. It runs services and everything so essentially it's already multitasking.

  • Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 hands on

    , Bass wrote


    "universal app"? Can I run arbitrary Windows programs on it? CPython?

    As long as they are written as Universal Windows Apps. As in, the new WinRT framework. Some BUILD talk mentioned Python was supported but I'm not sure of the details. All I know is I'm building stuff in XAML and C# and the same code all runs exactly the same on my phone, desktop, and pi.