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Bas Bas It finds lightbulbs.
  • pointless motorcycle thread ;)

    Good point. Wink

    *insert women-drivers joke*

  • pointless motorcycle thread ;)

    Minh wrote:
    Haha... I thought I was the only wimp. Anyway, this morning, in my car, I observed a woman eating in her car. And she was looking at her food for 10 seconds at a time.

    Doesn't this mean you were looking at this woman for at least 10 seconds at a time, rather than at the road? Tongue Out

  • One Laptop Per Child thoughts

    rjdohnert wrote:
    My thoughts on the One Laptop Per child:  If it cant run Windows its useless.

    I wouldn't call it useless per se, because it'd be a great introduction to the concept of computers that these people may not have otherwise, but I agree that there needs to be at least some familiarity with Microsoft products in those regions if they want to be able to do business with the rest of the world.

  • Why is it called Windows Live?

    I agree. Let Windows apps be prefixed by Windows, if necessary, like Windows Mail or Windows Calendar, and just give the online apps/services the Live name. Then names like Windows Live Messenger would make more sense, because it's a Windows application making use of a Live service. Another example: Xbox Live. It's a Live service on the Xbox platform. It'd be pretty confusing if it were called Windows Live Xbox.

  • One Laptop Per Child thoughts

    That's what I meant, yeah. Thanks for the link.

  • Worst email ever?

    Let's face it, regardless of wether she sent it herself and wether or not it was a stupid email, punishment by public humiliation went out of style after the 1500's, and "She started it" hasn't been a valid argument since kindergarten.

  • One Laptop Per Child thoughts

    I thought the emergency stop was already part of the plan? I seem to recall reading something about a kill switch that could remotely render each laptop useless.

  • Coming soon.​....Windows live folders

    Right, sorry, I didn't realise you were referring to FolderShare. That would be nice, actually, not having to work via the web interface for shared folders.

  • Coming soon.​....Windows live folders

    Refrax wrote:
    anand.t wrote:  hope they can offer infinity+1 space  

    i hope it has a plugin for microsoft home server.

    Why? WHS can do exactly this already, and with a lot more than the announced 2GB.

  • Windows Live customer support frustration.

    I had a similar problem. I have two live ID's: one live.nl email address, and a very old hotmail.com address. The Live.nl one has all my stuff associated with it: connect, certifications, the lot. The hotmail.com one now only functions as an MSN sign-in name. I wanted to merge those two accounts, so that I can sign in to MSN with the live.nl address, but keep the actual MSN account so that I don't have to ask all my contacts to add my new live.nl account. I elaborated on this a great deal when I asked support if this was possible. The response?

    "Create a new MSN account with your live.nl email address, then copy all your contacts to the new account. After that, just ask all your contacts to add your new account!"

    The fact alone that it is impossible to change your Live ID sign in address is mind-bogglingly stupid. The fact that support tells you to do exactly that which you described in your email as "Not what I want" is beyond what my simple mind can grasp.