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  • If you're into ​science/phy​sics even a little bit, drop everything and binge watch this

    Yup beat you to it. Feynman is super eloquent in general.

  • Skylake (desktop) launched

    , Harlock123n​ew wrote



    At the moment it would appear not. Of course with the new revelation that the BIOS on these things pushes updates into the system even if you uninstall them... (It puts them back behind your back), this is prolly a good thing...

    The various backdoor features appear to only apply to Windows systems. This is not a blocker for me. I do sometimes use Windows for video games, but these days you can do PCI pass-through on VMs and firewall the * out of the machine. Also a larger % of the video games I play have native Linux ports, or run competently through Wine.

  • Skylake (desktop) launched

    6700K purchasable anywhere at the consumer level yet?

  • Google is now Alphabet

    , cheong wrote

    How is "HOME BOX OFFICE, INC" related to that?

  • Google is now Alphabet

    Having all of Google's conglomerate activities under the same brand never really made sense. Google is in healthcare, robotics, and space research, and all kind of weird things that literally have nothing to do with core business. This allows them to branch out and own everything that makes sense without investors asking what it has to do with a search engine.

  • Google is now Alphabet

    There is an easter egg on that website.

  • Google is now Alphabet


  • Skylake (desktop) launched

    If you are building a Skylake machine can you share your build? I'm looking to build one too.

  • Visual Studio Code

    Mildly related:


  • the future of windows

    , swheaties wrote

    >>what would be cool would be a public marketplace were we can buy Windows user private documents and contacts and what not directly from Microsoft

    I suppose you are being sarcastic but I don't think you are far from the truth.  Microsoft, google, etc don't invest in the infrastructure to gather and maintain this information if they didn't benefit from it financially. 

    About a week ago the local news here in San Diego discovered that the new Uber app wants to upload your contacts list and track your location 24/7 whether the app is running or not.  They sent one of their reporters out to randomly ask people how they felt about that.  Of course everyone (who made the news) felt really violated by it.  

    When I installed windows 10 today I was not surprised when I was told Microsoft is going to be accessing my contacts and tracking my location if I want to use Cortana.  I'm just waiting for the day I get the message that a Microsoft employee is bring his sleeping bag over to the house so he can sleep over.

    I honestly don't remember if I was being sarcastic or something else. I think it's terrible from my perspective, but it doesn't effect me personally so it's hard to be too upset. It's all in the EULA/privacy policy so if people don't read that - we'll it's too bad really. I find it hard to have empathy for people who apparently willingly give away their private information for commercial exploitation.

    I primary use GNU/Linux [carefully - fully signed packages] and with pervasive encryption of data. When I use Windows, even before Windows 10, I treat it as a compromised agent, so I don't do stuff like store important information or check my bank account.

    But this new avenue, I think it's a gold mine and I'd want to get in on it too. There is a lot of profit to be had by mining peoples and businesses private data and if Microsoft gets the legal issues squared away (I think they have), that would be an incredible opportunity if they do choose to share this data with their partners. Even just contact lists can be analysed for new business leads to gain a competitive edge, imagine selling the contact list of a Pepsi salesperson to Coca-Cola.

    Having an in to the world's proprietary data is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and Microsoft seems to have gotten that in. Good for them. They should share a little of that wealth with us peons, it has a potential to be win-win because Microsoft can not predict all the ways the private data can be valuable.