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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    It's a good year to acquire companies as the valuations are lower then usual. Nokia was a dead man walking. LinkedIn cornered their market and is still growing. $26bn is a good price for tech+data company with $3bn in revenue and still growing. Even just as pure investment. But there is MAJOR strategic value here.

  • Project Centennial: is Microsoft giving up on UWP already?

    It is infinitely better then downloaded unsigned crap from a random website. Which is the primary delivery method ATM.

    What is really so controversial about this? I don't like the revenue cut, but that's all. Microsoft will never disable sideloading entirely, that would pretty much kill Windows.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    , BitFlipper wrote


    Peter, not sure I follow. Bass came in here on his high horse and started insulting while having zero understanding whatsoever of what the project is I'm working on. He is pretty much always trolling here on C9, so yea, I believe I have a right to ask him to get out. He is basically the definition of what a troll is.

    [Edit] Granted I could have asked him to leave a bit more diplomatically, but past experience shows that doesn't work, so sorry if you feel offended.

    I don't remember who you are, you seem to be one of the people who come here constantly to whine about Windows and Microsoft. Did that start getting old and now you want to lash out at anyone who slighted you during one of your regular forum tantrums? Get a grip.

    BTW you don't need a high horse to see why your idea would lead to a mess. Pretty much anyone here could have told you that.

  • MS AI looks really cool

    I actually know a quite a bit about how this works at a technical level if anyone has any questions.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    I just say it as I see it. A lot of people appreciate that, some people don't. Either way the tech world or C9 is not a place for people who can't take criticism or defend their decisions.  It's not some kind of personal choice. You are negatively affecting others when you make patently poor decisions, especially in commerical software.

    The fact is your idea of seperating out your code to a series of scripts you 'control' via Process.Open is legit horrible and will lead to a hard to maintain mess. What happens when your Python code throws an exception? Are you going to build a stdout parser? Even simple things like calling a function become messy to impossible. Literally anyone who will have to maintain that mess after you leave will hold a lifelong grudge on your soul. There are dozens of better ways to do this, even your original way is better. Python is not some magical language that makes stuff simple enough for this kind of bizzare design to be worthwhile. There also are DevOps tools that make automating this kind of thing robust and trivial.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    Seems like you are in critical need for someone to mentor you on DevOps. I'd help you further but you are unnecessarily rude. Good luck!

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    , svelasquez1‚Äč23 wrote

    I haven't tried this yet but I've been learning Python using VS Code.  My plan was to add scripting to my apps using IronPython.  The PTVS tool looks pretty cool but it appears to only add tooling to the IDE.  From everything I've read, IronPython is the way to go.  I think the benefit of IP over Process.Start method would be better integration with existing c# code.  Keep in mind I've got no real experience with this yet.

    You lose integration with the science stack and tons of other features that make Python useful. There was a time where MSFT gave a crap about maintaining IronPython but that day is long gone. It's dead buried and fully decomposed and the grave marker is barely visible anymore.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    Oh wow. This sounds like a maintenance nightmare waiting to happen. Using C# to run Python scripts that SSH into Linux machines and run hard coded commands that copy files and other "complex things". Did I read that right?

  • Surface phone

    Android and iOS had a multi year head start. In the tech industry months can be fatal.

  • The Bot thread

    , figuerres wrote

    a few years back I seem to recall a lot of talk about "Software Agents"  and I think this is the new spin on that term in some ways.

    at the core both are some code that acts on user requests to do something the user wants.

    NLP has improved leaps and bounds since the 90s.