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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • the future of windows

    As someone who can never get enough training data for my academic research, what would be cool would be a public marketplace were we can buy Windows user private documents and contacts and what not directly from Microsoft. I think this could be a great business opportunity and win-win. I do expect an academic discount though, as is customary. As an academic I shouldn't have to pay as much for data as for-profit companies or international criminal organizations.

  • the future of windows

    , swheaties wrote

    I fired up my laptop yesterday and when I went to start one of my apps I noticed that Toshiba had added an icon to my task bar next to the start menu that linked to their website.

    I tried to start the health and fitness app and of course it stopped working and put up a dialog that said it needed an update. So I clicked the update button and rather than just downloading the update I was presented with a screen of "updates" that were somehow deemed necessary for my machine. There were many brands on the page that I had never seen before. Two that I recognized and remember are ebay and amazon. I don't have applications on machine for these companies. I certainly don't want to spend my valuable time and bandwidth reading about them and downloading them. There were over thirty updates, all of them checked by default. I didn't have time to go through all of them so I just shut the window and did something else. BTW I looked in the control panel and there are no apps on my machine for ebay or amazon. There is nothing to "update". The screen I was presented with was a list of paid advertisements to install software on my laptop.

    The future of windows?
    An unstoppable onslaught of spam from places you never thought possible.
    Complete and total violation of your personal physical space. Yes your monitor is a physical finite resource that will belong to whoever Microsoft sells it to.
    Complete ownership of your working day. You will not turn on your computer and work as you normally do. You will turn on your computer and read advertisements.
    Complete and total ownership of your privacy. Speaking into your phone or computer will continue to be no different than standing in the lobby of the Microsoft office building in Washington and shouting.
    Get ready for the new windows! Yay!

    So basically the Google business model at the fundamental operating system level. Mining your private information is going to make Microsoft a whole lot more money then the $50 or whatever the hell an OEM license went for. The future of Windows is very bright in that regard. I'm no analyst, but I think MSFT is a buy.

  • What are desirable ​'foundation​al' operating ​system/engi​ne features?

    A key feature I like in my operating systems is the ability to disable any bundled remote backdoors. It might seem a bit futuristic, but it makes a lot of the other features of an OS feel more like a "nice to have" in comparison.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    Has anyone figured out a way to hack Windows 10 to disable all the creepy remote control/monitoring features you can't opt out of? It's not like some registry key you can unset or something? Or a some hacked system DLLs with the new features NOP'ed?

  • Visual Studio Code

    , intelman wrote

    Code is one of the best products this year. As well as the iOS 'send' app. 

    If nothing else, Code is a great Notepad ;). I write Ruby, GO, and Python in Code.

    Does it have context-sensitive autocomplete for Python yet?

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    , bondsbw wrote

    Isn't this NVidia's fault for releasing a crap driver?

    And haven't they released about 378 crap drivers in the past?

    CUDA is also perhaps one of the most bizarre craps I've had the pleasure of having on my computer. But, AMD is not better. Maybe many of these hardware companies don't have the knowhow to maintain working software? Allowing them to have remote root access to install their software into your computer at will is probably not a prudent decision.

  • Surface 4 Rumours

    Post-Skylake release is a good time to launch updated hardware. It would not make sense to release new HW now for instance. It ought to be something more substantial then upping the SSD size and processor though.

  • GB game patches.

    Go look at a screenshot of a 90s game and see how blurry the textures are and how blocky the meshes are. This corresponds to less information to store and process. That is why they fit in hundreds of MBs. It's not like people are * programmers now, it's just that games got a whole lot more complex, bigger in scope too, but also just more information dense per unit of play. So even if they were of the same gameplay they would be a lot larger simply because the graphics are a lot better.

    Good thing HDDs got bigger, bandwidth is cheaper, GPUs are faster and have more memory. :)

  • Did someone here order a binary byecode for the web?

    , cheong wrote

    Me think it could be easier to just add support of Flash/Silverlight/VRML to all platforms and not reinvent the wheel.

    (As for why I don't put HTML5 Canvas or SVG here, it's because they lacks some functionaility in doing interactive polygon graphics. If they add support for DOM events to all the Paths and Shapes inside the Canvas, I'd be happy)

    Flash/Sliverlight/VRML all essentially failed. And the first two are proprietary, so reinventing the wheel is legally necessary. Regardless, pretty much the only way you'll get them to succeed is if you become literally the dictator of the world and forced all these random adversaries with competing interests to use your pet technology on pain of death. Maybe EvilD has some experience with that considering his username. :) To me, that seems a whole lot more difficult then just creating a new technical standard.

  • Did someone here order a binary byecode for the web?

    This is huge. People will be able to make crossplatform applications that run at native speed on all platforms, AND integrate flawlessly with the rest of web technology (DOM manipulation/etc.). Let me say that again:

    • Cross-platform - all the major web browser vendors on board
    • Native speed (think C/C++ speed)
    • Full integration with the web