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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , bondsbw wrote


    It's about choice and options.  Just because I can write one platform-independent UWP app that gets deployed everywhere, that doesn't mean I have to.  I can certainly write platform-dependent UWP apps with shared libraries if that is a better fit for my needs.

    I don't see the value at all. Like what actual problem it solves, if I want to write a desktop app and a mobile app that are similar I can already share tons of code, esp. in the Apple ecosystem.

    Anyway this whole discussion is pointless because none of this works on Android and iOS. BeOS's dev environment is far far superior to anything ever made. You might as well extol the virtues of that.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    I think the patent system needs some major reform because the value of shitty/obvious/broad 'valid' patents is actually higher then innovative/non-obvious/narrow patents. It's not all one sided though, Google is currently the largest company in the world and they have a ton of their own super broad patents. And these deals end up being cross-licensing deals, where both companies license each other patents, it's not as one sided as Microsoft's press reports make it seem. The ones who really get fucked are companies that have no tech patents of their own to cross license, like Barnes and Noble who got fucked back into the stone age by Microsoft. That's the only one I'm personally irritated about, because the Nook had serious potential.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , bondsbw wrote


    It mostly depends on how much shared functionality there is.  Much shared functionality = single universal binary, little shared functionality or major differences in app size = separate binaries (but with some shared code and libraries).

    Continuum makes this a single universal binary more likely since a phone can run the app full-screen, where more functionality would likely be exposed, and where it may be common to start the app in mobile mode but hook up a monitor and keyboard to finish.  In theory these apps could contain the full functionality of the traditional desktop app but show a reduced UI in mobile mode.  (I'd be curious to know if the binary can be optimized to only load into memory the compiled code that is required for the current device mode, which could make it an easier choice to build and deploy a single app.)

    Also consider that complex web apps like TurboTax can run adaptive UIs and be very successful, and that UWP is even more adaptive by having access to more device capabilities.

    If it's about having two binaries that share code, that's nothing special at all. Phone and desktop sync is solved by "the cloud". Continuum only serves to encourage people to crap their pants even harder if they ever forget their phone at home.

  • So Joe Belfore is using iPhone right now.

    , Ian2 wrote

    @Bas: ++

    But I heard from quite a reliable source inside MS that they offered Xamarin a ridiculous amount already - and Xamarin don't want to sell. 

    I highly doubt that. Xamarin is funded by a carrier-load amount of VC money and VCs <3 selling off companies.

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , MasterPi wrote


    Isn't that what Islandwood is for? Although, I guess that's taking an iOS app and shoving it into UWP... But, it does seem like the fundamentals are there.

    It's a more massive undertaking. It seems like there is still not many developers working on Islandwood.  

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , PeterF wrote

    @Bass so now Microsoft should invest in letting Windows apps work on Android and iOS? It's an ecosystem they want to create for Developers and End users with some support to facilitate porting existing code bases from iOS and perhaps Android, what efforts are other ecosystems doing to allow cross platform apps. An attempt was made by Java, but without a trust model in running third party binaries it has quite some security limitations...

    What they really should do is fold the division, you know, instead of doing this. But certainly, if they want UWP to be taken more seriously by more developers it truly needs to be universal. The chance of cannibalizing WM "sales" are basically zero. 

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , magicalclick wrote

    @Bass: Just a friendly reminder, I did not make this yet another WP bashing thread. And my thread did not actually claim WP is dead or that MS will kill WP or WM entirely. So, in case you or other people trying to stereotype me into the unavoidable future, I am here clear my name before it happens. Sorry TC that I go off-topic, but, I know I will get stereotyped and i have gotten that many times. So, I need to clear my name here.


    Hey, it's actually all anyone wants to talk about anymore on C9. I'm totally hypocritical for contributing. But there aren't really any active threads besides these WM "let's bash/let's save/it's dead/it's not dead" threads. No worries, I'll post another AI thread that nobody will care about. :)

  • Microsoft releases AI toolkit as open source

    Hey, old news maybe. This is actually what Microsoft Beijing used to win the ImageNet competition this year.


    It's a lot faster then Google's TensorFlow. Only problem is I personally think the config-like API for interacting with it is horrible. I think what will happen is MSFT will improve the API and Google [already is] improving TensorFlow's speed and we'll have two competing frameworks that roughly do the same thing. :)

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , PeterF wrote

    @Ray7: Hence my remark that it's a unified platform, so suddenly the install base of your app can become a lot bigger...

    I question if you can turn something complex like MS Word into a single codebase without either the desktop experience or the mobile experience being awful. It's only really a thing for simple mobile-first apps that nobody in their right mind would use on a desktop anyway. 

    But the worse thing is "universal apps" can't run on iPhone and Android. It's a very outdated Microsoftism to call a platform that only works with Windows universal. This delusion can't be helping people take MSFT's platform seriously. 

  • DeepMind's AI masters Go

    In case you haven't seen it already: