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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds

    Can't they just take the hit from the 30% cut they are taking already? A 30% cut is already a pretty big cut when you think about it for a store that is all digital. Anyway iTunes/App Store doesn't seem to do this for their gift cards, and they have less need to encourage developers.

  • I can immediately tell that a video is 60Hz

    TV is usually 30 FPS but movies are 24 FPS. You can definitely notice the difference between 24 FPS and 30 FPS. When a movie is shot in 30 FPS people some times view it as having cheap looking (home videoish) cinematography, that's why movies are still 24 FPS to this day. We are just so used to having crappy FPS, it's become associated with high budget cinema vs low budget TV.

  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    Back on topic, this is good stuff. Those are some really nice looking UIs. And it's cross platform and works all the way down to Win95? Wow. 

  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    You can make offline web app these days even without Electron or any special frameworks. Edge supports it. Not many people take advantage of this nice feature, but I have a couple of Chromebook apps that work offline. Basically we have full key/value store built into all modern browsers, http://www.html5rocks.com/en/features/offline

  • TFS 2015 Builds

    If you are using bower already, why don't you just use gulp?

  • End of support for IE8, 9, 10

    Great news. Every version of IE that goes opens up a whole new lot of tech people can use.

  • Free car with Microsoft band 2!

    , Bas wrote


    Really? I'd imagine that cars are one of the most standards compliant things I own. I can buy standard spark plugs, standard lightbulbs, standard filters, standard oil, standard tires, standard windscreen wipers, fill up using a standard gas pump nozzle, even read the onboard diagnostics using a standard port and protocol... I'd say that whenever I need to buy something for my car, I can do so from any manufacturer I choose because everything is standardized.

    Really I don't literally any of those things you listed are standard (in the 'universality' sense, if it wasn't obvious from the context of my post) except the OBD interface, and that's because actually enforced by environmental regulations. For example there are over a thousand types of oil filter on the market. Some are maybe because different engines have different requirements, but I don't buy the idea that every make and model needs their own filter design. We should have maybe three oil filter designs for all consumer cars and be able to sell these things in supermarkets and convenience stores.

    It's almost like having a different kind of video card or SSD for every make and model of motherboard. It's complete insanity. If you've been to an auto parts store you'll notice they look like libraries because of this.

  • Edge Browser Problem

    , magicalclick wrote

    *snip*noooioo :'(

    UA strings are becoming an "ever growing pack of lies" (Lauke, 2014). Actually Edge pretends to be Netscape, Firefox, WebKit, Konqueror (!!!), Chrome, Super-Sayin Goku, Safari, and god knows what else.

  • Free car with Microsoft band 2!

    This is actually a good area for open standards. Cars are suppose to last decade or longer, I should be able to be confident that my smart car can interact with my smartwatch or smart brain implant 10 years from now.

    The problem is standards is not in the car manufacturers vocabulary. It's amazing they all standardized on a single cigarette lighter design but it is going to be hard to ask for more then that.

  • What? No mention of Ian Murdock?

    Founder of Debian. One of the most popular Linux-based operating systems, and the one that Ubuntu is based off of. Committed suicide under strange circumstances.