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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • My Silverlight SNES Emulator

    CreamFilling512 said:
    Bass said:

    That's good I could probably repro that, I can't get a Mac to debug on.  Wondering if Moonlight can be installed on Windows.

    AFIAK, Moonlight only builds on Linux.

  • Is Microsoft about to be sued by Apple?

    GoddersUK said:
    figuerres said:

    On the iPad i can see that confusion


    I don't think anyone with an iota of inteligence would confuse "journalPad" as being officialy endorsed by Apple, if it were "iJournal" I could understand it, but not "journalPad".

    Or iFart. Smiley

  • My Silverlight SNES Emulator

    I know you probably don't care, but I tested on Ubuntu Linux via Moonlight and it suffers from a similar crashing problem.

  • Less than subtle change to iPhone developer license

    mstefan said:
    rhm said:

    That's not bad, although it still surprises me how many people are willing to just give Apple a pass. Putting the consumer issues about choice aside for a moment, I also think it's just stupid policy. I  just don't understand how creating a closed ecosystem and arbitrarily limiting development on your platform is a good thing over the long term. Ticking off developers is not a good thing by any measure.


    OTOH, I think this nonsense by Apple creates a window of opportunity (no pun intended) for Microsoft and its partners. There's no way anyone can convince me that they don't have the resources and the capability to compete  and win in this market.

    That's not bad, although it still surprises me how many people are willing to just give Apple a pass.


    I'm not seeing this at all in the tech news.

  • Is Microsoft about to be sued by Apple?

    figuerres said:

    "Prior Art"


    if a product / service is in use with a name *BEFORE* the new Trademark was issued I am fairly sure it is safe.

    so WordPad and NotePad pre-date the iPad by like what 15 years more or less ?


    but new stuff may be subject to legal issues in some cases but what i just saw was not a legal trademark issue, it was an Apple to publisher issue, apple can ban the app but the developer has every legal right to use the name anywhere else...

    at least as far as my (limited) knowlege goes the TradeMark thing would apply if they were trying to make the product or service seem to the average consumer to be part of the same brand.... On the iPad i can see that confusion

    if you used the same name to sell an app for say a windows app then it's not as anyone will quickly determine that it's different by context.  - perhaps you might need a good lawyer to frame that in proper legal terms but...


    also what if you used the name Padd ?  cite StarTrek as they used the term Padd for the pda/tablet devices in the shows and movies.

    see that would possibly confuse folks as they sound the same but have slighly different spellings.

    "Prior art" is a legal defense only relevant to patent law.

  • BREAKING NEWS: iPad OS update released

    Wow the iPad just got 100x more useful. Smiley

  • Portable Knowledge Base


  • Less than subtle change to iPhone developer license


  • Helios

    exoteric said:
    JoshRoss said:

    I have read a couple of the papers but have also downloaded the code on Codeplex - not to compile and run it - that doesn't really interest me at this stage - but to look at the actual code. It looks like some very exciting work is taking place in Singularity, Helios and Midori.


    It will probably take years before there is something public for us to "see". -- There's two kinds of people, those who focus on the visuals, those who focus on the fundamentals and then of course the ones who can't count as well as the ones who are interested in both - but it's first things first and UI is certainly way down on the list; composition must have strong fundamentals.


    The things that excite me a lot are the languages and compilers aspects: Sing#, MSIL+, TAL, iTalX, Bartok, Phoenix, and so on.

    I think what's cool about Singularity is the possibility of running such an OS on a machine with no MMU, and still having strong multiprocessing ability.

  • Less than subtle change to iPhone developer license

    vesuvius said:
    figuerres said:

    I watched the Miguel de Icaza Mix talk where he showed what it was like to use Mono develop to develop iPhone applications and am still in disbelief as the amount of criticism Microsoft gets. I don't even know why Miguel bothers with the iPhone, screw them. Spend your time an effort on something else. Most iPhone apps are like bubblegum anyway. Taste good for 5 minutes, then a lifetime of insipidity.


    I have decided I lack sufficent time to debate with people like Bass about the merits and demeritorious aspects of a lot of Microsoft reasoning. I just cannot piece together the swarm like behavior toward Apple who are hardly gregarious towards any non proprietary development. It is this glaring denial that befuddles me and leaves at a loss trying to extricate any rationality or justification.


    Apple sucks. I don't think I can put it any simpler than that.


    I think Bass needs to make this admission. I can help him here. You might want to use words like..."Apple is and odious and beguiling company" or "They run like a cartel, and are for all intents and purposes as bad if not worse than Microsoft" or "I did hate Microsoft, especially the patent aspects but have to come to realise that they are the true apple of my eye". And so on...

    First of all, I am by all means not an Apple fan. In fact, my avatar is a quip at Apple, not glorifing them. Smiley


    Apple is evil. No doubt about it. But quite frankly, so is Microsoft. It's like having two totaltarian dictators arguing over who is more oppressive. Or as Richard Stallman would say, it is like "being able to choose your master." If you want to do that, go right ahead.


    But me? I prefer open platforms. And that is why I like Android.