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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Visual Studio.NEXT

    Pretty cool. Smiley

  • Ubuntu running on a HD2

    Yes: the desktop version of Ubuntu, running on a (oringally winmo) mobile phone. Apperently they also got Android working.



  • XNA Game Studio 4.0,

    Dovella said:
    Bas said:

    I leave the answer to your imagination

    Core i7 in a Phone? Must be a pretty heavy phone.


  • The BigO notation.

    Tell me, if n is "close to infinity", what algorithm you think would be generally faster? A O(100*n) one  or a O(n lg n / 100)?


    Big O notation concerns itself with how an algorithm performs at the limits of n. Which "n" is really large, these constants become increasingly meaningless for comparison purposes. For low values of "n", you probably shouldn't rely on big O notion to determine the efficiency of an algorithm.

  • Verifiable Voting

    re: The whole "verify your vote on a website" thing.

    Being able to trace a vote to a person could lead to future political repression. So it's imperative that the government would not be able to match a vote to a person. The whole "list the whole district" might not work with computer savvy people who wouldn't know how to search a website with possibly millions of records.


    Also, there what would stop this website from outright lying about who voted? IE. Zombie votes?


    Eg: 1039478575 voted for Joe Blow, but 1039478575 was just a non existent person added by the corrupt sysadmins.

  • Google Fan vs Apple

    Removed because it belongs in 4chan. Smiley

  • What Firefox addons do you run?

    Adblock Plus

    Hide Menubar

  • Applications you have installed but want to remove?

    Adobe Flash on Linux

  • If you weren't a developer, what would you be doing instead?

    Forest Ranger.

  • Is charging home users for Windows harming Microsoft?

    Shining Arcanine said:
    Ray7 said:



    According to that, Windows is about 40% of Microsoft's income. Now, consider the percentage of income from OEM licenses in that 40%. I imagine that it is is less than 10% of that 40%, so that is 4% of Microsoft's income.


    Microsoft has been fighting tooth and nail against other operating systems on netbooks, which I think is because if people see that they do not need Windows, businesses (which are very lucrative in terms of Microsoft's income) will start to migrate from Windows, which Microsoft wants to avoid by maintaining Windows' dominance in the netbook market. The best way to do this is to just give Windows away for free. A 4% hit will not hurt Microsoft very much and the income from support services (especially to people who previously were pirates) will likely exceed the loss from giving Windows away for free.


    The alternative is for Steve Ballmer to watch while Microsoft's customer base erodes away as businesses discover that they no longer need Windows.

    Where do you get this 4% number from? My personal intuition is that most people pay for Windows when they buy a new computer.  Indeed the OEMs pay less then retail price for Windows, but I don't think it's trivial either (Microsoft has hinted in the press that OEMs pay around $50 per install).


    Actually I'm pretty sure retail sales of Microsoft software get credited to the "Entertainment and Devices (aka Consumer Retail)" division of Microsoft, so it wouldn't be part of their Windows revenue numbers. So that 40% you described is likely composed entirely or almost entirely of OEM payments.