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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Hehe, IE8 is faster than FF actually

    I got some weird threading issues with Firefox when it's run on Windows. For instance, downloads cause the UI to become unresponsive.

  • Will Windows 2000 get a nice patch funeral?

    The thing about Linux is it's more like an ecosystem then an operating system. There hundreds, perhaps thousands of operating systems using a Linux kernel. And they can be very similar to each other or very different. For instance: Android is a Linux operating system. Kindle runs a Linux operating system. You wouldn't know this unless you specifically looked, since they are so different. This Linux operating systems are often called "distributions" in Linux lingo. They might have widly different UIs, and even the kernel in them might be a different "build" of Linux. A single Linux kernel revision could potentially build into millions of billions of different variants. And there are hundreds of thousands of different revisions. Pretty daunting huh?


    There are Linux distributions who arguably have bad security. Lindows could be one example. Actually worse then Windows XP, since it FORCES the user to run as root. It's kind of like having Windows XP and forcing Admin access.


    And there are others that are fucking tanks. RHEL I would argue is one example. This OS has security up to the hilt, every "security buzzword" you can think of have been integrated into the standard build.


    Different Linux OSes will have different UIs. So complign about a UI in Linux, the typical reply would be "what UI?". Are you talking about Gnome? Are you talking about KDE? Is Enlightenment really that terrible? What about Fluxbox? Or AwesomeWM? Wait, was this really a rant about Android? WebOS? You get the picture. Unlike Windows, there is no "standard" screenshot of Linux. It's impossible.


    There is also Linux OSes for specific interests. Like a Linux OS, designed by Buddhists for Buddhists. Or a Linux OS designed for the hacker who likes hacking into people's computers. And other OS for those who are interested in breathing new life into old crappy computers from 1995. But then there is others for people who want to breathe life into the latest IBM POWER7 supercomputer.


    There is so much happenings in the Linux community, I personally find it extremely hard to keep up. Every day I learn something new, a completely new take on UI for instance, or a new interesting low level technology. It's quite exasperating from a geek perspective. Never gets boring. Smiley


  • Will Windows 2000 get a nice patch funeral?

    ManipUni said:
    Bass said:

    What are you even replying to? Since none of what your responding to has anything to do with anything I have said.


    As I said both projects are extremely good. They just aren't used very often outside of a well configured server. I'm talking about desktop Linux. I have nothing but respect for its server big brother but on the desktop it is almost sad...

    Fedora is often used as a desktop. I think there are at least two Niners who use Fedora. As I said, Fedora does use SELinux extensively. I've even seen RHEL desktops before, I don't think Red Hat has a problem with people using it in that way as long as they pay the license fees. Smiley


    I'm just curious, what is your Linux experience? Have you used Linux on the desktop, at all, let alone recently?

  • Will Windows 2000 get a nice patch funeral?

    ManipUni said:
    Bass said:

    Amazing projects. I'm a big fan. Shame so few configurations make any use of them...

    Red Hat uses SELinux by default *extensively*. I'm sure you'd know this if you used RHEL or Fedora recently. Smiley Ubuntu uses AppArmor. But it's definitely not as hardened as RHEL, it's still not terrible.


    Keep in mind SELinux was created by the top security agency in the US Department of Defense, in order to make instill military-grade security into Linux. These people are responsible for protecting some of the most sensitive things imaginable (eg: nuclear weapons access). Perhaps you think they may have done a bad job with this?

  • Will Windows 2000 get a nice patch funeral?

    ManipUni said:

    Linux is one of the least hardened OSs on the market right now. They just pat themselves on the back because malicious code isn't even developed for the platform and they believe that somehow being open source will magically protect them (*even if PHP applications as one example disproves that theory). But worse still, is that configuration mistakes make up a very large proportion of attacks made against Linux systems (far larger than most other OSs).


    Why? Well one can only assume that Linux is made up with so many discrete components each of which have independent configuration mechanisms that it leaves a lot to be overlooked.



    Have you heard of SELinux or AppArmor?

  • Will Windows 2000 get a nice patch funeral?

    ManipUni said:

    Doesn't the fact that I need "years" of experience with Linux desktops in order to understand how awesome they are just further prove my point?

    Well it's a bit like writing a movie review without watching the movie.

  • Will Windows 2000 get a nice patch funeral?

    ManipUni said:

    I also struggle with the logical leap from "XP doesn't support DX10" to "Start using Linux!!!" (which also doesn't support DX10 incidentally).


    Here are reasons NOT to use Linux:

     - Usability isn't even up to Windows 95 levels yet.

     - Only "moderate" driver support (often lack advanced features) 

     - Very few high quality commercial applications or games

     - Slow

     - Insecure


    If I had to equate modern Linux graphical enviroments to Windows I would say Windows 3.1 roughly.


    PS - Don't misunderstand, it is a great server OS, and often times the HTTP configuration toolkits offer better usability than the windowing systems.

    What experience with the Linux desktop do you have that makes you qualified to say such things?


    I've been using Linux for years and the only thing I'd agree with you on is "Very few high quality commercial applications or games". But that's why virtual machines were invented. Smiley

  • Encyclopedia Britannica

    JoshRoss said:
    CreamFilling512 said:

    That's genius!  I could get one or two books and satisfy my idle curiosity and get cardboard fakes for the rest and satisfy my need to appear, to the casual onlooker, learned.  The good thing about the cardboard fakes is, they wouldn't weigh as much.  This would allow me to get cheap furniture from Ikea, instead of splurging on hardwood or steel bookcases.


    Except, if one of those casual onlookers, pulled one of those fakes off the shelf.  I would be fingered as a phony, immediately.  It is so hard today to keep a secret, with all these social networking services like Facebook. I might be better off just spending the money now to get the set.

    Do you really need fake books to look smart?

  • Building a Windows 7 Media Center Server


  • Building a Windows 7 Media Center Server

    Did you take a look at the AsRock ION 330?  It supports XBMC and all the usual stuff, and full 1080p video on Linux.