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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Which toolbar looks better?

    Don't like either. Way too much black, and this comes from a person who uses a dark theme.

  • WinMob7 Rumours

    JoshRoss said:
    W3bbo said:

    Like religion!   Did I say that?

    Well you described the ultimate meme. Smiley

  • WinMob7 Rumours

    DCMonkey said:
    Dovella said:

    1000 developers. That explains a lot actually.

    Ina Fried: Ask about how many developers Microsoft mobile division has.


    Steve Jobs: What 9000?!?!!!!!!

    Eric Schmidt: That can't be!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Sorry. Sad

  • curly bracket placement thread

    in C# I do



    if (blah)






    Which I guess is the "Java" syntax which seems to be commonly used in C#.


    Basically curly bracket on each line:


    in C I do


    if (blah) {

    } else {



    Which is the Linux/K&R syntax used in most POSIX software.


    Basically I just follow the convention I see in most C# code, and most C code. Although, Mono C# code has it's own distinct style which is based on K&R syntax. To some C# developers reading Mono code looks almost like an alien language. Smiley

  • OnLive

    mstefan said:
    figuerres said:

    Oh please, I didn't "spam" the thread. I searched to see if there was a discussion about OnLive previously, there was (in the same year, no less), so I posted here rather than starting another thread with exactly the same title, about exactly the same subject. Perhaps a bit less anality is called for... or were you just enjoying your "bah humbug" moment too much? I mean, Enron? Really?


    And yes, it's possible that OnLive might not be released; just about anything is possible. But it looks like they've solved the big technological hurdles, they have an impressive array of publishers behind them and they have people actually beta testing the service. I'm not going to say it's a slam dunk, but it's looking a lot more solid than "pie in the sky" where all you have is marketroids with PowerPoint talking about how awesome it's going to be.


    I watched most of that video you posted and I have to say this seems like a really cool technology. Crysis on smartphones. Scared


    That 80ms thing can be improved with more datacenters and better Internet connections. The UI of their app is really really nice too.


    I really look forward to this being a reality.

  • The Radio

    elmer said:

    Jack Thammarat - what I'd give for that talent.



    Guthrie Govan - he's proof of aliens on earth.



  • New project: Should it be WPF or WinForms?

    It seems that NAudio only contains WinForms visualizers. Would you (or anyone else) be interested in collaboratng on a collection of WPF visualizers built on WPF?

  • The Radio

    Bass said:
    jamie said:

    Yeah isn't it? Smiley

  • New project: Should it be WPF or WinForms?

    TommyCarlier said:
    Bass said:

    Less is more. Console.WriteLine FTW!

    I always have a console interface as well. Smiley Actually in one hobby project I am doing (a MUD, written in C#), the GUI actually calls the console interface with the parameters specified.

  • New project: Should it be WPF or WinForms?

    For an app like that WPF is a better choice. The only reason you'd use WinForms is if you want cross platform support (Mac OS X / Linux), as WPF is unavailable in Mono. WPF is quite different from WinForms, being a retained mode graphics framework, it uses a scene model approach to UI, which allows for simple combination of widgets.


    The codebase I work on be similar to a DSP as it makes heavy use of the Fourier transform and friends. Almost all of the ML code I have written in C (also calling routines written in hand optimized assembly). The vast vast majority of time the application is executing within the C code. The .NET layer acts like glue between the C libraries and the model (DB).