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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Grrr. MSDN subscription downgraded from VS Ultimate to VS Professional - What will I lose?

    Interesting, it must have went down in price. I remember Ultimate costing ~$12k to buy not too long ago. I think perhaps your company was not the only one bailing on it. Still, a $1500 raise is still worth asking for. :)

  • Modern Skype is dead.

    , TexasToast wrote


    Rewriting and retargeting applications is how a lot of us make more money.   I am amazed on how many software developers talk about open source and Linux but never talk about how you do some work, package it and make money.  Many on here just like to be a laborer and have the man pay you for work and you are basically a slave your entire career barely making real money.  You are probably the religious type talking about frameworks, languages, etc.  Think about games, game consoles, automobiles, houses, etc.  If we were happy with the old stuff and never bought anything new the economy would stagnate.  In summary,  UA/UWP offers software vendors a new way to sell the same old stuff.  Join in and maybe you can buy that Tesla. 

    Broken window fallacy man. Rewriting the same bullshit over and over doesn't improve the world. This is also why I <3 open source. It's kind of like a baseline "technological commons" to build off of. You should only spend time trying to solve problems that have never been solved before, by anyone. There will always be work left to do as a software dev/computer scientist until we are living in a post-scarce society and exploring the galaxy.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , fanbaby wrote

    When I say win32 for nano, i mean api for server s/w, which i see no point of using over posix (linux). Win32 might be better designed (after all, it had unix as hindsight), for example CreateFile vs creat, but i'm trying to understand its value proposition.

    My guess is Microsoft will make Nano free to compete with GNU/Linux. Personally, I still wouldn't understand the value proposition. :)

  • Grrr. MSDN subscription downgraded from VS Ultimate to VS Professional - What will I lose?

    You should demand a $10,000 raise for the money saved.

  • Oculus partners with Microsoft!

    The controller is a nice bonus for buying a Rift, even if you don't end up using it for Xbox games. It works for any game really.

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    I'm guessing whatever language he's working on is going to end up looking a whole like Rust. It's a high level systems language, no garbage collection but memory safe at the same time (first time I've ever seen a language attempt this), and it does interfaces/typing/objects the right way (hint: virtually all languages do it the wrong way). If it had Python's syntax, it would be perfect (subjective). :)

  • Joe Duffy says: big year head, stay tuned

    , TexasToast wrote

    Thanks, I hope it is not just what he likes but what most users want ...  its hard to hate interfaces if you want abstraction. 

    Users hate explicit interfaces so much that they would rather use 100x slower languages pretty much for the only reason to avoid them.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , figuerres wrote


    I do think it would be interesting to see a kind of ".Net VM"   get a VM image that coukd run under hyper V that would be able to run ASP.Net and other .net stuff but have no access to any kind of Win32 api calls.

    a pure "Managed Code" environment.

    and see what kind of performance they could get from that for stuff like azure websites and cloud services.

    but possibly "Nano" is very close to this already ?

    Microsoft already made an OS like that called Singularity. There are videos on Channel 9 about it, it's actually pretty cool. I'm not sure if anything real came out of it though.

  • Apparently, WMC is no longer part of Win10

    TV watching is just a mindless activity. If the effect of cable companies is to make it less accessible that might be a good thing.

    I suspect the value of a cable subscription is going down in the eyes of the public, especially the younger generation. Cable companies will not be able to get away with what they used to. Not an industry I would consider a safe investment personally, even with the monopoly statuses.

  • Visual Studio Online reannounces free unlimited private Git repositories

    , Bas wrote

    Wait, I've been using VSO since it was available and I've always pushed my stuff to private git repositories on it, without paying a dime.

    announces => reannounces

    Goes to show that sometimes the first publication about something is not the one to go viral. :)